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The World Is Watching Syria Intently As Pressures Mount
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The World is Watching Syria Intently As Pressures Mount

The Syrian government is in the eyes of the world right now, after a bloody weekend. Peaceful protesters and mourners in a number of funerals were shot and attacked by security forces with hundreds killed, even more injured and nearly two hundred arrested or detained. The activist group, Local Coordination Committee of Syria is also reporting that there have been snipers in the city of Hama with at least five people killed there.

Over forty thousand people were gathered for a number of funerals for people killed in Monday’s attacks when they were attacked by the security forces who shot tear gas grenades and live ammo into the crowds. When the mourners fought back,some of them throwing stones, the security forces opened fire, killing at least two dozen people and wounding twelve others. Another 150 people were detained after Ramadan prayers.

Some of the injured people have been taken to other locations, far away from the protests for treatment. Family members fear that if they take their loved ones to local hospitals, the security forces will kidnap from the hospital, possibly never to be heard from again. State run Syrian TV is alleging that it is mysterious, armed groups that are behind the assaults.

Currently, the UN Security Council is working to bring wording of two different resolutions together. The first was written by the European members of the Council while the other is written with Brazilian input and less strongly worded.

Additionally, the world is also watching the disintegration of the activists and protesters. The Syrian government has been blaming much of the action on armed forces that are reportedly roaming the country, under the guise of protesting with the others who have been to this point, relatively peaceful. But, a video recently posted on You Tube is being hotly debated as either proof of what the Syrian government has been saying or as proof that the security forces are willfully murdering people. In the video, bodies, most of them bloodied and battered, are seen being tossed into a river while the men shout curse words. One Syrian activist has said that the men who were being thrown into the river were actually members of the Syrian secret police killed by fighters from Iraq.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has met with a number of Syrian democracy activists that are based in the US while the White House is considering tighter sanctions against the Syrian government. The European Union has already tightened their own sanctions with the Italians following the move up by recalling their ambassador, the first country to do so, so far.

The United Nations Security Council estimates the Syrian death toll to be just under two thousand since the unrest began in the middle of March. The Syrian government says that the number is actually far lower. There is no way to confirm the number independently because Syria has blocked all foreign journalists from the country.

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