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Who Is The New Bachelorette 2011? - Her Second Chance
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Fans want to know, who is the new Bachelorette 2011? Now that season 15 of ABC's The Bachelor has come to an end, fans are waiting in great anticipation to see Ashley Hebert get her chance at love when the next season of The Bachelorette airs this coming May.

Hebert, 26, was a contestant on this latest season of The Bachelor. Although she had bachelor Brad Womack's attention right from the start, their connection quickly began to fade, and Brad (as 15.5 millions viewers who watched know) is now very happily engaged to the gorgeous Emily Maynard.

If you hadn't had a chance to see Ashley Hebert on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday March 14th, you were probably still curious to find out who is the new Bachelorette 2011. Well, she made her first live appearance on late night television last night and won over the crowd, and Jimmy, with her new brunette look and sweet girl-next-door charm. Although she was not shy about being a career-driven girl on The Bachelor, Hebert has put school on pause and luckily was granted a leave from dentistry school to star on the upcoming Bachelorette. She was chosen by ABC producers and took advantage of scheduling it around her personal life right away in order to make it work. For her, finding her soul-mate is still a very big priority.

When the new Bachelorette 2011 series begins, Ashley will be introduced to 25 potential love interests. Amongst those men she may, or may not find her future husband. Now, for those who find the whole "reality" thing too much of a fairy tale, there have been some success stories that have resulted from both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette over the years. Just take the very 1st Bachelorette, Trista Rehn who married Ryan Sutter in front of millions of viewers on national television. Now, 8 years later the couple are still going strong and have a beautiful family. So, fairy tales do come true...

No doubt that once Hebert begins her quest to find love both fans and naysayers will have their own opinions about her. It seems that her bubbly personality and confidence have certainly won over the male crowd. However, The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise aims to please the female audience who makes up the largest percentage of regular viewers. If Hebert comes off anything even close to annoying and immature (as some claim she did during her stint on season 15) then the ratings will show.

Just like Ashley Hebert, finding love is what everyone wants, and whether it be found reality t.v., by dating online, from being set up, or by being asked to go on a good ol' fashioned date, it really doesn't matter. Honestly, let's just hope that now that we know who is the new bachelorette 2011 that we can continue to be entertained on a Monday night.

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