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Adhd And ADD
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Adhd And ADD

In this article I am going to write about my interpretation of ADHD. I think this is something that needs to be addressed all across the board.

These are my personal opinions only and i do believe that most of what we are told about ADHD and ADD are made up by societies bid to control people and how they think.

I am talking with a woman now and she was told that if she didnt put her daughter on medication they were going to take her away and call it neglect.

What kind of person would ever say that to anyone about their kid.

I know how it feels to be shunned from school. I was bored.

Now i am mad just thinking about this. I am going to work with this girl and i know she will be off the medication in a week. the testimonial will be on my site for all to read.

i hope the people who made this ADHD mess up will smarten up and realize that school is boring. We need better teachers to make it interesting for all the students.

now for the article....

Whether your old or young, no matter how horrible or how great your upbringing. It has no limits as to who it affects. Does not discriminate

Now one of the key things I notice with ADHD. Is the use of drugs to calm or focus an individual. Drugs seem to be the all in all for every thing these days. More and more we are relying on drugs to bring up or bring down, calm or motivate.

Seems with the advent of television the best way to take care of a child is to put him in front of the box with all the lights and sounds. The ultimate babysitter.

When I was growing up. I must have had ADHD. Every report card I ever got. Every teacher I ever had always said the same thing. Brian had a hard time focusing and is easily distracted. Yea like I was the only one.

I bet you can ask any teacher and I am willing to bet they will tell you. ALL CHILDREN HAVE ADHD.

Some students are I’m sure pretty wonderful and will make great lawyers or doctors. The problem is we don’t need any more lawyers.

We have enough of those and the ones we have you can draw your own conclusions.

One thing we must consider is that when we are born we are born blank slates.

Everything we are taught goes into our head without question for the first few years. If your child has symptoms of ADHD perhaps it is something they were taught.

Sometimes what the child needs is to find out what they are good at and what they enjoy. I know we all want what’s best for our children.

What we want and what they want can be very different things. Just because a child says he wants this or that doesn’t necessarily mean he really wants what he says.

When you look to the past at some great artists, writers and, thinkers. the people who have come up with the most amazing ideas in the last 100 years were not graduates of great schools. They were great because they could develop their own ideas.

Of course there is always some amount of control we need to have over our children.

They were the daydreamers. They all showed signs of ADHD or at minimum ADD.

I am still a firm believer in what hypnosis can do for a child. I can tell you what it has done for me.

It has helped me focus.

Since one of the symptoms of ADHD is the inability to focus. Hypnosis is a great tool to teach children how to use their minds to focus more and really enjoy it.

The second thing about hypnosis and why it would be useful is because we can tap into what the child really likes to do.

Young children are indeed the hope of tomorrow and the future.

If we can find out what these children are really wanting to excel in then they can be successful in any endeavor they may choose.

I am hoping to help more children with ADD and ADHD because I believe strongly in the use of the mind as a creative tool. And more and more children are already hooked on drugs.

It was funny I was reading an article about ADD and ADHD.

It stated that people (children especially) when diagnosed with ADHD usually become habitual drug users. this sort of shocked me but not really considering,

I was enlightened further and would love to share another point of view from a person who has had to deal with ADHD and ADD on and off medication.

It was described to me its like being on a train, the train of thought. this train starts and stops at many locations along the route. this route has many switches and levers each leading in different directions.

To keep it simple we can think of it like doing the dishes. you start out doing the dishes and get half way done, then you realize you need to do the laundry. what ends up happening is you run to do the laundry and get half way through that.

Going to the kitchen you realize you still need to do the dishes. so what happens is your mind has got to go back to the beginning of doing the dishes and continue doing them starting from the beginning.

You run back to do the laundry and have to start that task over again. this cycle can repeat itself over and over until your ragged without accomplishing much at all.

This in turn gave me an idea. Using hypnosis you can in fact have the person run through certain tasks in their subconscious. You can complete many tasks in one session because the subconscious is very fast at acting out certain behaviors.

For example while hypnotized you can begin a task like doing the dishes and completing the task. then what you can do is give the individual the feeling of yes i did it. just a simple feeling of self gratification and satisfaction having completed the task.

then you can do it again with the laundry or whatever task you assign to the person. have them run through the task in their mind and again give them the feeling of self satisfaction.

i would think its a good idea for the hypnotist to get a few ideas of what sort of things the person likes to do so they can do tasks they enjoy and the the ones they may not like so much.

perhaps hypnosis can help these people and whatever tasks they do are done as well and as efficient as they can.

Maybe just maybe we can create children to be better in the world.

I am hoping to have more exposure to children dealing with this "disorder" and perhaps educating the parents more about what they can do to help their child find the things they really want to do.

We really need to quit over medicating the children after all they have to clean up the world we are slowly destroying.

Street Talk

The drug companies have taken over the medical field. The AMA does what the drug companies tell them to do for the money. I too was bored in school and it comes down to the fact that if you are highly intelligent, please pardon my self-aggrandizing but I know my IQ, you will be bored in public school. Public school has to go the speed of the average student and the students that get it the first time or understand what is said to them are bored. But boredom is something a person can also overcome. i believe there is no reason to be bored if you have a brain. Yes, as a physiologist and scientist, I realize that I am ADHD myself, but at my age I am used to the way my brain works and I can accomplish all those things in the order that I start them and get back to them and get them all done. At my age I will not want to retrain my brain. I learned how to make my brain work for me in it's weirdness. Children are much more intelligent that adults give them credit for. Adults have just forgotten how brilliant children's brains are and yes very creative. Intelligent children should be taught one on one so they can fly through the material and increase their neuroplasticity on their own speed.

  about 1 decade ago

there is a great ted talk you would love to see ill post the link here for you. ok they wont let me do that so look up Ken Robinson on school kills creativity.

  about 1 decade ago
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