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Age Regression As Therapy
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Age Regression As Therapy

“When I was a child”, she recalled, “I was driving down the road and for some unknown reason I flashed back to an earlier time. A time in the quite distant past that has not entered my memory in so many years. I remember as a child I was driving down the same road with my parents and we came upon a meadow. Its snowing now but the memory came back just as if it was real. This meadow was filled with bright yellow flowers. Driving down this road, the intoxicating smell of the flowers always fills the car no matter what time of year.”

This is an example of a memory you could have. Your individual experience can somehow relate to this experience in some way.

This is something we do time to time because we need to have memories. Our memories create us and who we are. They shape who we become and are mostly just bits and pieces of things we have done in our lives

This memory is a pleasant one. Sometimes they can be very harmful and can expose us to harsh truths about ourselves we may or may not want to be aware of in everyday life. chances are if your reading this now you may know someone like this.

If you can, imagine yourself growing up without anyone in your life. The thought of it seems pretty unrealistic but for some people it can be a harsh reality whether it’s real or imagined.

Sometimes we do need to be alone with our thoughts, our own thoughts. When you are alone, what do you think about? You seem to think about the past unless you are engaged in an activity that requires you to act in the moment.

When you are acting in the moment you are not consciously aware of what you are doing. Everything is working on auto pilot. Your behaviors are coming from your past. It’s your past that makes you do the things you do in the present.

When we are young, between the ages of about two to six years of age, We don’t put any thought into what we are learning. We learn as we go and what we learn at this age can make or break who you are.

What I mean is the critical factor we develop as we age has not developed enough to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. We tend not to be overly critical of what is being taught to us.

Examples of learned behavior.

if your parents perhaps fought all the time.

If your parents were violent towards others

These are behaviors we learn and are mostly taught without ever thinking of them. I am sure you could come up with some of your own examples. For the most part we are all born the same. We look at others and judge others against what we are taught.

Those are personal behaviors. In my previous article I talked about fears and phobias. Those too are learned behaviors.

We get taught these things and they are not part of our basic “wiring” when we are born.

“We look to the future to be brighter and better than the past. We look to the past to see into the future”.

There is such a paradox in that sentence but that is how our brain operates. We are taught young that you can do this and you can do that. And no you can’t do this and you can’t do that.

Seems pretty straight forward right? Well it is. However sometimes it can be damaging as well.

in hypnosis, we can, in fact unlock the past pain and anguish and open you to a brighter future using age regression as one of the tools for great change to occur.

What is age regression?

Age regression is a term used in hypnosis for returning someone to the past. This is done by taking the client to a past event to resolve unresolved issues.

Age regressions can be pleasant or they can be unpleasant. Generally if a client wants an age regression done, it’s generally for some traumatic experience. Generally not something hypnotists are not qualified for unless they have had extensive training.

There is no threat of being age regressed as long as you know what your being age regressed for. Another point worth mentioning is that we as hypnotist take great care in your personal well being.

Sometimes I age regress clients because they want to experience what it was like to be a kid again. It’s a wonderful experience to be sitting on a swing on a warm afternoon.

A hypnotist take take you wherever your imagination wants to go.

The best part is when you do get regressed to a before time you can actually feel yourself there in the moment. I myself have gone so far as to have a woman forty years old being taken back to her fourth or fifth birthday.

When someone goes back that far in age, depending on depth of hypnosis, they can recall what they were wearing, who was there, and the gift they received.

It’s such an amazing experience when you bring your client out of the “state” and they tell you how happy they are that they got to experience that again.

Most hypnotists, that I have talked to, try to avoid age regressions unless they are going for a pleasant experience. Its customary for a hypnotist to make sure that you the client is aware of the complications that could arise if an ab reaction occurs.

Damn this hypnosis stuff is easy right?

There is a reason we charge for what we do and why it may seem expensive but when you are dealing with the core of who someone is as an individual, there are lots of ethical questions that can arise.

I personally love age regressions just for the plain fact that they are very interesting for both me and the client and, it feels wonderful.

In my first article I talked about a woman who was afraid of gum chewing. The hypnotist who discovered the cause used age regression to eradicate the fear.

Not everyone has such a traumatic past that needs or wants to have solved, but if you are afraid of snakes or spiders. Age regression can be a great way to alleviate the fear completely.

As I have stated before. We are born with only two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

The purpose of hypnosis in general is to guide your mind through the process of becoming something great in the future. For you and the people you love.

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