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How To Be More Successful Than Ever And Do It Before You Go To Sleep Tonight
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How to Be More Successful Than Ever And Do It Before You Go to Sleep Tonight

Although it is a given that people tend to think that making more money will require extra effort and is all about working harder and being deprived of time to do what they want to do, they could be wrong.

They could be making the idea of finding a new way to make more money harder than it is because they believe that work has to be hard. They have heard the lyrics, “I work hard for my money.”

They buy into the concept that is repeated over and over again.

They unconsciously accept the message, and their life is altered forever…

Or is it?

They are only the victims of poor programming.

They could be struggling with the job because they like the praise and approval their hard work elicits from their partner and friends, even the boss.

The question is, “Is the job really hard, or is it their belief that makes them think so?”

These words are, after all, only words, not money. Someone’s acceptance and praise is only a secondary gain. It does not give them more money, yet they have chosen to create a life for themselves based on secondary gains without the money they want.

They may be overdoing it because they fear the boss would not even keep them on the job if they did only an average day’s work.

Some might make working seem hard because they think they can’t even get another job. They may not even have tried because they are trapped in their minds.

Then there are some who use hard work as an excuse to indulge in going to bars after work to take off the pressure.

In fact, there are many secondary gains masquerading as reasons to work hard.

However, if they decide that money is what they need and want now, instead of an emotional massage, change can occur in a few minutes, at night, before falling asleep.

• Here is how it is done.

• Lying in bed with your eyes closed, begin using your imagination to picture or sense what your job (the one you have now or the one you dream of) would be like if it were easy.

• Step inside yourself in this new role. Feel yourself inside, all the ways to your toes.

• Notice how you would feel if your job were easier? See and feel your reactions to how others will treat you when your job is easy and you make more money than ever before. Sense how you feel about yourself. These changes feel like daydreaming, and they use the same skills as daydreaming does. These are such developed skills, that you can easily find yourself beginning to design steps that will cut time and effort on the job.

• A feeling of success begins to creep in.You can see yourself winning the help of co-workers, making friends and allies that you can actually contribute to. You will find yourself taking pleasure in cooperating and achieving more than either of you could have done separately and doing it with much less time and effort.

You recognize your creative genius.

• Do this every night until you begin to realize that this is the way all creation happens.

• Then be aware of your intention, your desire, and your goal. Think of it without stress, just as a though, a simple thought. Power it with the pictures and the feelings of the way it will be.

• Over time you will tweak and improve your creation and enjoy the process every time you apply it.

Fall asleep and let your subconscious mind jump into action and create, as it always has, what it thinks you want.

In the beginning you had created a vision, a picture, an image of work as hard. You felt it would always have to be hard and you would have no time for fun. You learned it, and you thought it, and you lived it.

NOW, by practicing the same techniques, the simple ways by which you were programmed to be negative about work, you have been able to create work as no longer hard; in fact as easy.

You took charge of your own programming; your subconscious mind took over and gave you ideas, suggestions, encouragement, and action cues to get you to create a more satisfactory job and to find time to have fun. You did this just by changing your inner vision.

That wasn’t too hard, was it?

If, as you create and dream, you find you need more skills, learn them and use your inner genius to give you both joy and the money that you seek.

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