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How To Hypnotize Someone With A Watch
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How To Hypnotize Someone With A Watch

That question makes a very good point for discussion. "How to hypnotise someone with a watch." We've briefly discussed sleep, so have a bit of a think as to why swinging a watch in front of someone might work and work rather well. Or, for that matter, a pendulum. A mantel clock pendulum is best, but turning the clock around and opening the back door so that the pendulum's in full view is extremely efficient.

Or a metronome. Indeed, anything that swings too and fro. My personal preference is a pendulum or metronome, simply because you want two people with the watch -- or develop a very aching arm! Another advantage with this method is that you're able to go as deeply or as shallowly into trance as you wish.

These days, there are some very sophisticated methods of sending people into trance, but you know, it's often a case where the old ways were better, particularly when you're engaging in self-hypnosis. Always make sure that you aren't liable to face any distractions.

Perhaps mummy has been a little bit sharp with Johnny. He asked the wrong question at the wrong time, just when mummy had a bad headache, so later that night, he wakes up thirsty. Down he bundles to daddy's study, where daddy's in the middle of some self-hypnosis exercise. Daddy's just hitting his stride, when the door slowly open;

"Daddy, may I have a drink water, please?"

This, you can definitely do without.

Another instrument that used to send me off for a couple of hours at a time, was the chronometer. The ship's version. You know what I mean when I talk about a balance in regards to a watch? The small wheel that oscillates with the help of a small spiral spring. Well, the chronometer has just the same idea, only many times bigger and heavier. Also, it's controlled by a helical spring.

I remember some years ago when I'd just completed repairs to one. I left the dial and hands off the instrument so that I could see the action of everything, to make sure the mechanism worked all right. The great balance, (never balance wheel), started with a minimum of coaxing from me, and quickly build up its correct angle of incidence, in other words, the oscillation was excellent.

Two hours later, my wife came into the shop to drag me out for lunch. Now, where those two hours went, goodness knows, but I'm bound to say that I felt very invigorated after this session.

Now, why does this work? You may remember in another article, that we touched upon this business of Slow Wave Sleep, when our bodies go through any necessary 'repairs.' This should happen to a person in good health for about 75% of the night. But in between these periods of sleep, we experience what's known as R.E.M., or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. This is when the pupils of our eyes travel rapidly from side to side during our dreamtime.

Now then, what's happening when we look at a swinging watch, a pendulum or a metronome? Exactly the same thing. One more thing I'd suggest. Obviously, if you're concentrating on a pendulum or metronome, then your self-hynotizing. Make up your mind before you start what it is you want. Perhaps your overriding wish above everything else, is to be a superb alto sax player . There is only one man you can emulate, isn't there. The great Charlie Parker. The Bird himself!

So perhaps have a recording of him playing "Harlem Nocturne" very quietly in the background, while you picture him on the stage. Then, the more you focus, the more you 'enter' him and when you look again, it's you playing that glorious piece with the velvet tone.

I do hope this article has been of some interest and help to you.

Street Talk


How nice to hear from you again, Heather. Yes, the reason the watch, (pendulum, metronome), work so well, is that they mimic the movement of the eyes during R.E.M. sleep. Worth trying, perhaps. I know I've put myself in trance in this way. Thank you so much once again for your very kind comments on my article. I do so appreciate them. Every good wish, Mike

  about 1 decade ago

Interesting article Mike. I have never used a watch or similar although I can see it would be very effective! Cheers!

  about 1 decade ago
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