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Hypnosis Today Part 1
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Hypnosis Today Part 1


I wanted to write an article about hypnosis and what it is. I have recently been studying the topic and some of the benefits it has in the medical, psychological, and entertaining aspects of it.

i want to try to enlighten you on the differences and maybe some of the misconceptions of hypnosis in each case.

First we should explain what hypnosis is and I am doing this all from my own words. Hypnosis is a form of mind control.

It’s how we communicate and make sense of the world around us. It’s how we tie our shoes, drive out car, get dressed in the morning. We do it to ourselves most of the time without even realizing it.

Hypnosis is the most comfortable state of mind you can be in. Its relaxing and a great benefit to our creativity.

There have been plenty of people thorough out history that have used hypnosis in various ways such as Einstein, Mozart, Shakespeare, as well as some famous people in our time like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Matt Damon.

One thing I have been studying is how the mind works over the past few years. Its actually pretty simple. We have two halves to our brain and we also have two states of awareness.

The difference is one side of the brain controls one side of the body. The other side of the brain controls the other side.

The funny thing is the right side of the brain concentrates more on imagination and creativity and the left side is more logic and reasoning.

Some people say they can’t be hypnotized however, this is not true because you can’t learn, or dream or imagine. We all do it just at different levels.

I myself am very logical and cant usually draw a picture of something abstract much less write an article. However I am doing it anyway to make use of my right side.

Being a hypnotist is a great way to explore this fascinating world of the brain and how it functions.

Now let us look at the other aspect of the brain. We have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. They have two different functions in our day to day lives. The conscious mind is the part of our mind that controls moment to moment decisions.

It’s the part that shuts off your alarm clock in the morning. It’s the part that catches a baseball. Anything you do “in the moment” is done consciously.

The conscious mind only remembers things from the last couple hours or so. The subconscious mind is the part of the mind that remembers things and this has a couple parts as well.

What happens is our conscious mind programs our subconscious mind feeding it information about pretty much all the day to day tasks we are involved in.

The subconscious also controls your breathing your heart rate and every system in your body. The brain is by far the most complicated pieces of machinery known.

There is not a computer that can keep up to its function. It will do anything in its power to survive. And it has total control over your body.

I have watched a few programs over the years and it still amazes me how effective and how perfect the brain is. It does have some flaws. The biggest flaw is it makes us who we are. Is it the brains fault it does what it does. Of course not. All it does is learn from the environment.

We are learning machines and it’s amazing to know that some things it does come programmed with. One of the programs it has is nourishment.

What we eat ultimately feeds the brain. Some vitamins and minerals you need to eat in order to keep the brain alive. And your brain is so smart it can find this nourishment anywhere.

There was a ship wreck and this one man was a lone survivor. He was in a life raft with no radio, no food or fresh water to drink. The brain needs fresh water it’s a must.

It will, in fact, drain all the cells in your body of water until your organs shut down. First on the order for this man’s brain was hunger.

His body told his brain it needed to eat. With this instruction his creative mind went to work and he was catching fish. He had to eat it raw but really cooked or uncooked fish pretty much tastes the same. So he was all good for a little while. It didn’t take long and he was getting dehydrated.

Just the very act of eating fish burns calories and fish is not a high calorie food. Great for diets and health but not for survival. So his brain went to work again. It needed fresh water. The brain knew somehow the eyes of the fish contained fresh water so he ate those.

Then he needed the vitamins and minerals only the internal organs of the fish contained.

What does this have to do with hypnosis? The man in the raft was rescued and was able to tell his story. What he said was he couldn’t understand it but when he was eating the parts of the fish that repulsed him and that he normally threw away.

He found that it actually tasted good. Being inquisitive I wondered how it could do that. I inferred that anything that happens outside the mind is actually controlled in the mind. How is this possible?

It’s such a complex organ. It can actually change the way things taste because taste is in fact an emotional response.

How do I know this? If you imagine sucking on a lemon, your mouth will probably water without your conscious awareness. It’s an automatic response you have no conscious control over.

How hypnosis works is, somewhere between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind you have what scientists call the critical factor or the critical mind.

This part of the mind grows as we age and he protects the information going into the subconscious. When we are very young we pretty much don’t have one yet.

We are not critical of anything we are told or what we hear. We haven’t developed any critical thinking at this point. This is why when we wake up Christmas morning and we are told of Santa clause came we accept it as being true.

As we grow we begin to reason that notion out because we are getting more and more critical of it.

When your hypnotized the critical mind is moved over to the side. Out of the way so he doesn’t criticize anything suggested to the subconscious. He is basically sleeping and does not have any say about what the subconscious mind is told.

One of the huge myths about hypnosis is that it’s dangerous. No more dangerous than falling asleep on the beach. And you cannot do anything against your will.

For example I was dealing with a girl of about seventeen. She was a cutter meaning she would cut herself just so she could feel something.

(Just for your information purposes I did tell her to seek psychological help as I don’t have the knowledge to deal with such cases). I did manage to hypnotize her and anyone who deals with people as a therapist only deal in good feelings.

I asked this girl to imagine a wonderful time in her life. It was with great sadness she woke up instantly and said she didn’t have any. Meaning she didn’t have any great memories.

I hypnotized a friend of mine and took her to the beach. She started to tell me of her experience and I said something about the warm sand in her toes. Well, she woke up because the experience she was recalling was a cool day and she is not a heat person.

So basically the only thing anyone can fear in hypnosis is what you want to do.

One of my favorites is fears and phobias. The part I love about my business is when someone I have helped tells me that “it felt different and I don’t know why” is such a huge reward for me.

i would love to receive some comments and questions if you may have any.

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