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Hypnosis Today Part 2
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Hypnosis Today Part 2

While studying hypnosis I have found many uses. Because the brain controls all sorts of functions of the body I have found that some are very useful. First thing I want to talk about is stage hypnosis.

Stage hypnosis is very different from therapeutic hypnosis. The key thing here is and the most important thing is that stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes only. The process for it is all the same. How you achieve the state is no different than from any other form.

Hypnosis is hypnosis no matter how it is used.

Most of the myth surrounding hypnosis is the feeling of losing control or falling asleep. Before I do any form of induction on someone some rules and guidelines must be met. Firstly everything a hypnotist does is by CONSENT.

The person who wants to be hypnotized will be hypnotized. It’s a joint effort between the hypnotist and the person involved. It may seem as though people in a stage performance are doing things out of their own will or beyond their control.

The truth of the matter is when the stage hypnotist begins his performance he does some testing first to see who are the best candidates for the show. This is done with people who want to take part in the show.

The key thing is if you don’t want to be hypnotized you won’t be. And really we don’t waste time with those individuals that are out to prove us wrong. Wasting time on people is a wasted.

I want to dispel any misconceptions on what happens when you’re hypnotized and how it works on stage in comparison to the therapeutic use.

When in a therapeutic environment ie: when sitting in a chair. You can’t hurt yourself for one and the induction is more tuned to your need.

As I said anyone can be hypnotized. When hypnosis is used in a stage environment the performer must take great care not to hurt the participant. A good performer will always take precautions to ensure a safe environment to perform in.

I have been asked what being hypnotized is like. Well if you stop everything you’re doing right now and shut your eyes for 5 seconds. That’s what it feels like. When you wake it’s like you had 8 hours sleep.

What happens with the subconscious when induced in a trance you must first know some things about the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind remembers everything. I don’t know exactly where the memory stops if it does.

I do know however when I have done some age regressions I have been back as far as 1 yrs old with an eight year old girl. And to about 5 yrs old with a 46 or 47 year old woman on many occasions.

The subconscious mind has no concept of time. This is one of the coolest things about what goes on inside the mind while hypnotized.

When in “trance” you can travel fast through time or as slow as you want. I had a woman and we went to the beach just as a visual experience for her. Because she was interested in learning about it so I figured I would entertain her.

During the trip to the beach she was comfortable and relaxed. Then I told her, “you grab your things and you walk home, now you’re sitting in your chair.”

Then I brought her out and asked her how she felt. She said she felt amazing, as usual. Then I asked her what she remembered. She told me this and that and how it felt so real and how her skin was still warm from the sun.

Then I asked her how long it took for her to walk home. She said “it took two hours”.

So this tells me one thing the brain has to make sense of the world and how it sees things. So when presented with a problem the mind will fill in the blanks to make the most possible sense of the world.

Although I told her she picked up her things and walked home then she was sitting in her chair, that fast. Her mind had a two hour journey to walk home and it did it in seconds.

Another thing about the subconscious mind is this. When you are sleeping the subconscious hears everything. This is an important one, especially for new mothers or parents of young children.

When you first bring your child home from the hospital it’s especially good for the child to learn how to sleep. Because it does not know what sleep really is.

When the child gets older however, it’s in the best interest to play music or listen to the TV at normal volumes. This will teach the Child's brain to recognize certain sounds as normal and you can have friends and parties without worry of waking the child.

I know from personal experience what it’s like to wake unexpectedly in the night. I’m sure we all do. When I got my first dog at 8 weeks old she was in a kennel in my room on the floor. At some point, I don’t know if she was having a nightmare or what but she whimpered and I woke immediately.

At the time I never really thought about it because it was like it just happened. I had other strange things happen when I was sleeping as well.

I recall not hearing my alarm in the morning then recalling a dream I had and it just so happened the alarm fit with the dream so I slept through it.

So now you can tell your boss when you go into work late and he asks you why you’re late. You can tell him that your subconscious is to blame.

When you sleep the mind hears everything as I mentioned. What happens is it recognizes most sounds and discards them as normal. Like when a dog barks it recognizes the dog barking. Or when a car goes by it recognizes it as a car. And you continue to sleep.

However, if someone scratched on your bedroom window in the middle of the night your subconscious would not recognize the sound and wake you immediately.

This is why when a new mother has a child and the child wakes in the middle of the night crying she wakes to take care of it. The subconscious hears everything.

One thing I would like to add is all the hypnosis I do is by texting either through Skype, msn, or yahoo messenger. I find that the comfort of the client is so valuable to a successful induction.

In the next article I will be talking more about fears and phobias and other uses for hypnosis in a therapeutic way.

If there are any questions please feel free to comment or leave a message if there is something you personally are wondering about, I would love to hear from you.

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