Greenspan's Anguish (thoreau As Economic Prophet And Other Essay)
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Is it possible for the economy and the environment to survive and thrive in harmony?

"Yes," says Professor James Eggert in his new book, "Greenspan's Anguish (Thoreau as Economic Prophet and Other Essays)."

"Ecology and economics have the same prefix, eco-, from the Greek oikos, which literally means 'household.' The original definition of economics therefore implied a careful stewardship of household resources, whereas ecology compels us to try to understand and appreciate the interrelationships within nature's 'household.' I believe these two households are becoming more interdependent and their futures more and more intimately linked. When we fail to calculate ecological values or see the connections, we pave the way for losses that are unintended and unwanted," Professor Eggert writes in his essay, "Meadowlark Economics."

"Greenspan's Anguish" contains 19 essays that explore the relationship between the economy and the environment, sustainability and our relationship to the universe.

In addition to "Meadowlark Economics," which examines the value of the meadowlark, both as a symbol for what has gone wrong with our economy and as a symbol of what is essential to our existence, the book includes "Thoreau as Economic Prophet," "Darwin's Finches and Ford's Mustangs," "Then the Sun Came Up," "Craftsmanship and Salvation," and "The Coming Repair Age."

Global warming threatens the extinction of life on Earth. It can no longer be a question of the economy or the environment. We can all have "enough," and we can all do more to help the environment. If we don't do both — we will have neither. Professor Eggert's thought-provoking book is a good starting point.

James Eggert is a writer and emeritus faculty member of the University of Wisconsin — Stout where he taught undergraduate students for 33 years. He also is the author of "What is Economics (fourth edition)," "Invitation to Economics," "Low-Cost Earth Shelters," "The Wonder of the Tao," and "Meadowlark Economics."

"Greenspan's Anguish" (copyright 2013; Green Dragon Books) is available through most local bookstores or at online booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Powell's Books, Green Dragon Books.

This book would make a wonderful supplemental text for professors and teachers who teach economics, ecology or English, particularly those English classes that focus on Thoreau or include Thoreau in a unit. The writing style of the essays is appropriate for both high school students and college students.


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