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UFO's The Real Truth
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UFO\'s The Real Truth

What Is It All About?

Everyone has heard of UFO sightings here in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Recently when a petition was sent to the White House urging the powers that be to reveal any information regarding any evidence that had been documented over the years by the government and or Defense Defense Department, I thought I would do a little research on my own. There has been loads of documentaries on T.V over the years, movies and plenty of information and websites loaded with people who have claimed to have seen things in the sky that can't be explained, regular people, law enforcement officers, airline pilots and military personnel. I can't see how all of these hundred's of thousands of people as far back as the 1940's can all be wrong.

The Best Book I Have Found

I came across a great book called " Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record," by Leslie Kean. Ms. Kean is an investigative journalist and co-founder of the Coalition for Freedom of Information, she has been published both nationally and internationally. The book is just chock full of carefully documented studies of information from the late 1940's on to the middle 2000's of sightings, landings and statements from heads of Air Defense Ministries, Lieutenant Colonels, Air Force Captains from both the U.S. and foreign nations. You also read statements from radar engineers that were on military bases at the time of various sightings and landings of unidentified aircraft and Security Police Squadron members, fascinating stuff, why would these people lie? Some of these people were of course afraid as they were stunned to actually see these crafts land and their equipment didn't always work seems some kind of electromagnetic field would render them useless. Also some stated that the brightness of the lights almost burned their eyes.

A Most Intriguing Incident

The book has some great incidents mostly around military or nuclear weapon storage facilities. You will have to read the book to get in depth with these many events. One that is really a highlight of the book in my opinion is the "Rendles Forest Incident". It happened in England in1980 on a U.S. Air Force base called Bentwaters/Woodbridge complex. Sergeant John Penniston was a senior security officer in charge of the base security. Later on Christmas night just after midnight Sergeant Penniston was told that something had landed not crashed in the forest just outside the base.

Sorry They Saw Anything

What they saw was mind boggling, they tried to use their radio but they had trouble with them. He couldn't believe what he was seeing there is a picture he drew in the book a triangle shaped craft, one side had symbols on it and he claims there was a static electricity type of energy that raised the hair up on your arms. There was another military man with him Airman First Class Edward Cabansag who also witnessed this. They stated they were so confused at what they were seeing it was that unbelievable to the eyes. It stood there for forty five minutes, while the men made drawings tried to report back to the base and made a through investigation as required by the military. Later in this investigation the man were greatly troubled by what they saw, interrogated, given drugs and all of this had lasting effects on their lives.

Why The Cover Up?

Ms. Lean covers all the bases, Project Blue Book, memos from the CIA back from the 1950's, there were sightings even back then and the CIA felt that the public should be told something to minimize a risk of panic, so scientists were assigned to study the phenomenon. Many studies and investigations have been done both by government and private agencies. UFOs national security risk? This has been discussed in the book as well, is that why the studies were done or why these sighting are often seen around military bases or nuclear storage facilities? Is it true there is life out there that is worried about the earth and its nuclear weapons causing chaos in the cosmos? This book is really well done and if you have any interest in the subject I will highly recommend it highly.

Street Talk

I don't watch Discovery Channel, thanks for the tip ! Will look out for it -) regards, GA P.S. I wrote my 1st article on UFOs, hope you like it when it gets approved hopefully by today -)

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nice article

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