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10 Ways To Improve Your Health
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10 Ways to Improve Your Health

Life should be simple! Why do we over-complicate everything?

Exercise, eat right and sleep! They are the major components to radiant health, don't you think? Approaching our health the holistic way, we might find that there are many more components that we need to get right or at least balance better in our lives.

So today, in this article I would like to give you ten ways to improve your health. Start with one, make small changes then go to the next one and so on and you will be surprised how quickly you will feel better and happier!

1. Don't be a workaholic!

Researches show that people who worked long hours fell sick more often than people who worked shorter hours. They also more likely to get injured at work. Many people who work long hours skip breakfast or don't have lunch. Make sure that if you have a long working day you eat frequently and drink enough water. Every few hours get up from your desk if your position requires lots of sitting and stretch and go for a short walk. Getting fresh oxygen will help with concentration and productivity.

2. Calorie rich and nutrient poor

A lot of people eat processed food. Foods that are not in their natural state anymore. Cooking meat, vegetables or even fruit is not the problem so much but processing them and refining them is the biggest issue. This result in increased calories, fat, sugar, salt and in many additives and lack of nutrients. New Australian research shows that people who eat lots of fresh and raw fruits and vegetables have better mental health. People who eat a poor diet more likely to develop anxiety, depression and other mental conditions. Watch what you eat!

3. Shut eye

Lost of people share the view that sleeping is a waste of time. They think that life is too short to sleep. A good 7-8 hours quality sleep has many benefits according to researchers. A good night's rest increases your mental capacity, improves concentration and memory. People who sleep well has less problem with their waistline and obesity. They are also less likely to get grumpy and live a happier life.

4. Exercise

Regular exercise is crucial to good health and well-being. It helps with weight management, increases energy levels and creates happiness hormones, improves mental health. However, excessive exercising depletes your immune system and makes your more susceptible to common minor illnesses.

5. Activate your social life

Family and friends can be very tiresome for some. After a full week of work you just want to be left alone. However, avoiding social interaction isn't the answer. Isolating yourself deprives your from fun, support, stimulation and great activities. Isolation is the breeding ground for depression and illness. A study published in the British Medical Journal showed that the more you see your friends and family, the happier everyone is.

6. You are a dedicated carnivore

Eating too much meat, does not matter you eat it lean, unprocessed, increases the risk of heart disease and cancer. Reduce your meat intake and eat more vegetables and fruit.

7. Stretching

Even if you are not a yoga fan, flexible body is key to preventing falls and injuries. Flexible body, flexible mind. A study published in the Journal of Athletic Training showed that stretching before and after exercise resulted in less muscle soreness for three days after a workout. Regular stretching, like yoga changes your muscles to be longer and your body slimmer. Long-term regular yoga practice changes your body shape. Good news!

8. Get out in the sun

Sun is our vital life force. Our body uses the energy that we get from sunshine in many mysterious ways. One of the many is getting Vitamin D from the sun. More and more connection is made between cancer, hypertension, MS, arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness and diabetes and many other illness and the lack of Vitamin D in the body. Sunshine is good to lift the mood, to energize the body and for feeling great!

9. Me time

Scheduling regular 'me time' is very important in our busy life. This 'me time' can be relaxation, meditation, walk, swim, movie, a chat with a trusted friend, a nap in the afternoon, reading a good book, a pampering session, just a quite contemplation in a favorite spot in the garden or some gardening. Whatever charges your batteries and makes you feel good to face the world again. This all important me time reduces stress and prevents emotional exhaustion and lifts strains on relationships. If you can apply awareness, mindfulness and self-care towards yourself, it is easier to do the same for your loved ones.

10. Your diet...again

Consume a wide variety of fresh, organic, nutritious and low calorie foods. Make every meal a celebration of live full of energy. Focusing your mind on the food you eat, create positive thoughts and positive mental pictures about the food you put in your mouth and how it will enhance your health and nourish the cells of your body.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle that balances your energy intake with your energy output.

11. Bonus :)

Smile! Make an effort to smile in the mirror at yourself. Then try it with others. You will see that it is not that hard. What you will see soon is that when YOU smile, soon others start to smile back at you and soon the world will smile at you! Keep smiling!

Healthy bodies healthy minds!

Start these positive changes today and let us know in the comment section what changes you notice daily!

Cheers, Piroska

Street Talk

Anna Ware  

Fitness, me time, healthy diet, being with people you love and do what you like and love = wellness :) and it so happens, that I'm a firm beliver in wellness :). Thanx for yet another brilliant article. You hit the nail on the head so to speak.

  about 9 years ago

Some thing we figure out by not getting things right! I definitely had to learn a few things by experience! Now happy to share to save others from making the same mistakes I did!! Thanks Anna!

  about 9 years ago

Some good tips here! Outlook is HUGE to quality of life as I see it.

  about 9 years ago

Definitely! :)

  about 9 years ago
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