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5 Steps To Getting Started With A Raw Food Diet
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Are you lost about where to start with your raw food pursuits? Many people try to jump in 'cold turkey' and then get frustrated and overwhelmed when they fail to eat 100% raw. Personally, I've found it much easier to take baby steps towards my heatlh goals.

If you're just getting started on the road to better nutrition, here are some easy tips you can incorporate to get the ball rolling:

1. Choose Organic!

There are huge health benefits to choosing organic products over conventional. For example, organic foods have NOT been genetically modified or chemically treated, and are free from pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. What that means is they WON’T contribute to diseases like cancer and heart disease the way conventional food does by putting foreign chemicals and toxins into your body. (Just because it’s FDA approved, doesn’t mean jack squat…surprising, but true.)

Organic foods contain significantly more anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They help fight cancer rather than cause it, contribute to a better immune system, taste better, can aid in weight loss, and eating organic is the humane thing to do in regards to animals.

The most important foods to eat organic due to being either heavily sprayed or injected with hormones, antibiotics and other garbage:

A. meat and poultry

B. dairy products

C. strawberries

D. bell peppers

E. spinach

F. cherries


H. celery

I. apples

J. green beens

2. Add a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie to your diet every morning.

Juiced or blended fruits and veggies are quickly absorbed into the body for maximum assimilation of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and for alkalizing the body and giving it lots of energy.

3. ADD raw foods little by little. Use the law of addition, not subtraction!

What that means is that by adding a few new things to your diet rather than depriving yourself of what you already eat, you are coming from a space of abundance instead of scarcity and your body won’t freak out on you. Have you ever started a diet by telling yourself, “now I can’t have any sugar, or carbs, or junk food” only to immediately start craving sugar, carbs and junk food? It’s a mental game we play with ourselves.

So, instead of saying, “I have to have a green smoothie for breakfast now instead of my regular bacon and eggs” (which makes your body instantly wish for bacon and eggs), you simply ADD a green smoothie to your diet FIRST, and then if you still want to, you can eat your bacon and eggs. Eventually, if you keep adding good things into your diet, your body will begin to adjust until it automatically craves the greens instead of the grease. Understand?


When you’re cooking or baking, you can start making healthy changes by substituting these simple things:

A. Use cold-pressed oils instead of hydrogenated ones – look for ‘cold-pressed’ or ‘expeller-pressed’ on labels.

B. Replace white flour and white rice with whole grains, i.e. oats, barley, spelt, kamut, brown rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat.

C. Replace white sugar with natural sweeteners, i.e. turbinado sugar, raw honey, agave, stevia, yucon syrup, succanat, dates

5. EDUCATE yourself and get some support!

It’s always easier to make changes in your life if you’ve got people supporting you, so get involved!

A. Attend a raw food class in your community. Often health food stores will offer raw food demonstrations to educate the public.

B. Join a website or a newsletter that offers raw food tips and information. Meetup groups are always a great tool for finding a raw food community. Just go to and type in your zip code and ‘raw food’ to find a group in your area. We have a wonderful group in the Salt Lake area that meets regularly for pot-lucks, lunches and other events.

If it’s too much for you to start with all 5 of these things at once, just pick one. The most important thing is that you start with something, so take some action and get moving!

Street Talk

I am very concern when thinks does not work for many of us, because we start with a wron attitude,I believe any one who want to start some thing they have never done before, be it a diet or what they should at lease do a little research first. then take it from there, that is most likely always the best way to go.

  about 1 decade ago

Informative article for people thinking about or wanting to begin a raw foods diet. Thank you Linda for sharing your healthy passion and expertise.

  about 1 decade ago
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