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A Mediterranean Diet – A Simple, Yet Effective Alternative To A Healthier Lifestyle
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A Mediterranean Diet – A Simple, Yet Effective Alternative to A Healthier Lifestyle

The Mediterranean diet was first introduced to western society in the mid 1990’s. Since then many nutritionists, dieticians and health organisations have lauded its attributes and benefits, and have been very active in promoting and educating people about it. It has actually also been taken into consideration as among the healthiest diet plans on earth.

The population of the Mediterranean region have, for as long as they care to remember, enjoyed a natural, healthy way of eating, without necessarily being aware if its advantages and long term benefits. This, combined with regular exercise and a more leisurely lifestyle, has contributed to an extended lifespan with less risk of acquiring conditions like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and similar disorders.

So what is a Mediterranean diet?

Whilst there is no specific diet plan or style, each of the related regions throughout Europe, from Spain to France to Italy, and the Middle East—adapts to what is available locally in terms of ingredients and social customs.

The emphasis is on FRESH produce, being it fruit and vegetables, legumes and nuts, locally grown olives and the most essential ingredient, extra virgin olive oil. Add to those dairy products like yoghurt and cheese, free range eggs, freshly caught fish and moderate doses of red wine. Pork and chicken are more frequent than red meats.

The preparation of meals is simple, with most being made the same day, and without the need for processed ingredients. Deep-frying is avoided in favour of steamed, baked or grilled methods which in turn reduce the fat content.

These make up the types of meals that are the staple of the region. They provide the essential and necessary nutrients, anti-oxidants and digestive fibre that work against the onset of the negative health conditions.

Benefits for all the family

Apart from the obvious health advantages as previously stated, there is also the added bonus of controlling weight and avoiding the need for prescription drugs and other treatments usually associated with western diets.

The other important factor is that families usually eat together, at the table (without television or other technology), which not only stimulates interaction but also educates the younger family members to the benefits of a healthy diet. This then produces more alertness, vitality and best of all, contentment. The meal is always followed with a walk or similar physical activity, which of course assists in the digestive process.

A no-brainer decision

So, as you can see, changing and adapting to this way of eating and lifestyle is just common sense and would not be difficult to implement. The aim is to steer away from processed and junk foods by taking the time to prepare healthier meals and involving the whole family in the process. After all, it’s your body, your family and your future that will benefit.

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