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Are Eggs Good For You? The Verdict!
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Are Eggs Good for You? The Verdict!

There has been a lot of negative news about eggs recently and certain media are claiming that eggs are bad for you, some even comparing eating eggs regularly being nearly as bad for your heart as smoking. I think this is going a bit overboard and today I want to answer one simple question for you; are eggs good for you?

Argument #1: Each Egg has 1/3 of Your Daily Intake of Cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol is bad for your heart, that is a proven fact. An egg has 186 milligrams of dietary cholesterol and each egg is about 1/3 of your daily recommended intake of cholesterol. The difference is that this is "dietary' cholesterol which has not been linked to cholesterol increases in the body.

Saturated fats are the problem. People who consume diets that are high in saturated fats have cholesterol problems.

Argument #2: The Egg White is the Only Healthy Part

This is bogus information. Sure the egg white contains on average of 3.8 grams of protein per egg, it is by no means the most healthy part of the egg. The yolk is where, yes, all of the cholesterol and fat is stored. But it is also where all the AMAZING nutrients can be found.

Here are just some of the health benefits and nutrients contained in an egg:

Choline - essential for cell membrane functioning

Dietary Cholesterol - serve as the framework for many of the hormone systems in your body

Leucine - An amino acid responsible for muscle building

Folate - Good for the brain!

Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E

Argument #3: Eggs Make You Fat

You may have heard that the fat calories as a percentage in eggs is over 60%. While this is definitely the case, this can actually lead to weight loss! Yeah, this may seem counter-intuitive, but the high levels of protein and fats in an egg can actually lead to increases in satiety hormones, the hormones that are responsible for telling your brain you are full.

If you want to test this, eat ONE egg (70 calories) and then try eating 70 calories of your favourite carb heavy snack food (the actual culprits of weight loss). I think you will find that you will feel much more satisfied after eating the egg.

Argument #4: People Are Healthier That Don't Eat Eggs

There is no empirical proof of this. People that eat eggs, that also eat bacon and also eat fast food are unhealthier than those that don't. However, someone who eats two eggs every morning as part of their breakfast that is in good shape and that does not eat meals regularly that are high in saturated fat is much healthier than someone that is overweight and that regularly eats meals high in saturated fats.

The irony in most of these discussions about eggs being "bad" for you have stemmed from folks that appear to be unhealthy themselves. I can honestly say that every single person that I know that eats eggs every day (and there are a lot of them) are all in shape and healthy.

So, what is the verdict? Are Eggs good for you?

I am an advocate of eating eggs. I have a very low overall cholesterol rate and I eat two eggs each and every day. I am in good shape. I am still young (30 years old) so if you are "anti" egg, you may question whether or not I will be able to sustain this for the rest of my life.

Well I believe so. My grandfather ate 2 eggs every day for his entire life and lived well into his 90's. Perhaps this REAL evidence proves that they are not so bad after all. The next time that someone criticizes eggs the should think twice about eating that steak or that meal out at their local fast food joint that are high in saturated fat, the real culprit of cholesterol and heart problems.

The best thing is to eat organic eggs when possible as you will not be subject to the hormones that are given to non-organic chickens. The terms "free run" and "grain fed" are also very important when looking to buy eggs, so make sure you check the packaging for this information.

**Here is the fragmented story that was written by Brian Fung over on Atlantic. You can position anything as being bad if you don't use a lot of facts and you use weak studies to "frame" something as being bad.

Street Talk

Great article

  about 7 years ago

Good Article eggs can give much proteins and vitamins it is also much energetic food ,mostly supplements which are used by sportsman and builders are made from egg protiens.

  about 7 years ago

Great article. I cannot imagine living without eggs for breakfast. They make me feel more energetic.

  about 7 years ago

I have a giant omelette every morning and I have never felt better. Of course it will also depend on the types of foods that the hens are being given to determine the nutritional value of your eggs. Fresh farm eggs for me. They might cost more but I get them from the farmer and I know what he feeds them or allows them to eat. He does not believe in round up so I buy his eggs. LOl

  about 7 years ago

Great article Kyle... I read this article of yours a while back, and everytime I see some of the hype against eating eggs, I am reminded of your words. I've loved eggs since my teens, but I gave them up about a decade ago because my cholesterol was getting too high, and of course, eggs were a big part of the problem. What a bunch of bull! I just started eating organic eggs everyday a couple of weeks ago... what a wonderful, healthy treat they are!

  about 7 years ago

After budgeting I wound up eating mostly eggs, rice and a few green vegetables, some dried homegrown fruit, small amount of choclate for energy while working ( I know sugar and bad stuff) but really the main center piece was a lot of eggs and rice. Regular testing blood draw was taken and it was said that it was the best one ever! Cholesteral something like 115 and nothing indicating my liver or any other organ out of wack. I thought with all those eggs and the hype about them that it would show up on the results but just the opposite. I am 60 grew up on a farm and my dad was 97 and others in my familiy lived well into 80s and 90s often eating a lot of eggs. Great food an like you say best if not fed chemicals or factory farm slave type chickens. Good Article

  about 7 years ago

Very good article

  about 9 years ago

I love eggs and I advocate for their consumption if done in an educated and sustainable way. Buying local from the farmers market or a local vendor is the best as far as eggs go. Some packaging and labeling can be very deceiving. Also you will not find hormone use in chicken farming in the United States as it is illegal. You will, however, find antibiotic use is wide spread and common.

  about 9 years ago

I love my eggs! In fact, I will go make two now! Great article by the way..

  about 9 years ago

wow that's great insight have just enjoyed reading it.

  about 1 decade ago
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