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Artificial Sweetener Stevia – You Can Use All You Want!
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Artificial Sweetener Stevia – You Can Use All You Want!

Ya, Franz here! I tell you there’s nothing a German loves more than a good apfelstrudel or some rumkugeln. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s apple strudel and rum balls. Good stuff! But, those sorts of foods have only one affect on the body, and unfortunately it is not a good one. Well actually there are many affects that sugar has on your body. Too much sugar, along with consuming refined carbohydrates, will lead to type-2 diabetes over time. The best way to avoid this situation is to use the artificial sweetener stevia.

It is categorized along with the artificial sweeteners because it is not sugar, it is actually an herb. But it is still considered a “sugar substitute.” For those addicted to sugar, the wonderfully healthy artificial sweetener stevia is amazingly sweet. It is about two hundred times sweeter than sugar, so you use very little. It is virtually free of calories and perfect to blend in with a healthy eating regime that is free of processed sugar. Another great advantage of stevia is that is does not trigger a rise in blood sugar, which means insulin levels will not increase suddenly. Because of that you won’t have to deal with the sugar high and then the inevitable crash that follows.

How many of the foods you eat have artificial sweeteners in them? Those fake sweeteners are toxic to your liver! If you consume a lot of foods with these sweeteners in them your liver be over worked. It can’t do its job properly if it has to deal with removing that stuff. These fake sweeteners can actually prevent you from losing weight. Several diet sodas a day can have your liver working overtime to deal with the added toxin. If you are starting to eat more healthfully, but using fake sugars to cut the sugar cravings, and you have come to a stand still on your weight loss goals, cut the fake sugars out. Try using the artificial sweetener stevia instead. If you like sodas so much, switch to club soda with lemon and lime juice, and add some stevia. It’s wonderful! It is Franz’s favorite summertime, sitting out on the patio, socializing with friends, drink.

You are probably thinking where can I get this stuff and how do I use it. The artificial sweetener stevia comes in a liquid form. It’s sold in small bottles, with a dropper, so you can add a few drops to your coffee, tea, or club soda. And you can even bake with it. When I make brownies, yes German’s love brownies too, I use stevia and raw honey as my natural sweetener. But go easy on the stevia in that it is very strong, and a little goes a long way! You can use it for everything you want to sweeten. There are no limits to its use as it is non-toxic!

I hope you found this article enlightening! If you have never heard of stevia before, it may just save your efforts in achieving permanent weight loss, while cutting the dependence on processed sugar. And, do yourself a favor, get your sugar from natural sources.

As always, I wish you vibrant health, many blessings, and a long life!

Ya, zis is Franz signing off!

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