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Boosting The Immune System Naturally
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Boosting the Immune System Naturally

People have been trying to find a cure to the common cold for thousands of years. Many traditional remidies were effective, while others were merely voodoo and superstition. Today's main stream treatments are more consistent, but most of them only cover up the symptoms, and don't address the underlying causes of sickness. Other treatments, like the "flu shot" are very targeted, meaning that they can be highly effective at treating or preventing one particular type of pathogen (bacteria or virus). This means that the flu shot won't help keep you safe from chicken pox, for example, or even some form of the flu virus later on when the disease mutates.

Boosting the immune system naturally is the best way to avoid catching a cold, and may reduce the duration and severity of the symptoms if you do get sick. There are two parts to the immune system boosting strategy. First, consider your regular lifestyle. Are you getting enough excersise, and do you have a healthy diet that includes antioxidant rich foods? Clinical evidence shows that people who maintain a healthy weight and eat a well balanced diet are less likely to get sick than those who don't. Also, healthy people tend to have more mild and less frequent symptoms if they do come down with something.

The most important antioxidants for boosting the immune system naturally are vitamins A, C, and E, as well as the minerals zinc and selenium.You can find these vitamins and minerals in many kinds of fruits and vegetables, including carrots (vitamin A), oranges (vitamin C), and broccholi (vitamin E). Beans and nuts are good sources of minerals like zinc and selenium. If you're treating your body right, it will already be in a position to fight off the vast majority of the diseases you come in contact with every day. However, everyone gets sick from time to time.

When you get sick, your body's immune system works overtime, and becomes stressed. This is when boosting your immune system is key. You've probably heard the advice that drinking orange juice is a great way to help fight infections. This is absolutely true, but some people don't like orange juice, and the fruit gives you many, but not all antioxidants you need when sick.

I have had very good luck over the years with Airborne, and its various brand name and generic competitors. These supplements give you extra amounts of immune system boosting vitamins and minerals above and beyond what you'd get normally. I've found that I'm typically sick for a shorter time, and that the symptoms aren't as bad. If I have to work, and can't rest enough, I'll take an over the counter cold medicine to mask the symptoms long enough for my body to do what it has to do behind the scenes.

To recap, boosting the immune system naturally is the best way to avoid catching a cold, and may reduce the duration and severity of the symptoms if you do get sick. Your mileage may vary, but in my experience, the best solution for good health is to eat a healthy diet that includes antioxidant rich foods. When symptoms do arise, your body will have plenty of antibodies ready to attack any dangerous bacteria or viruses. If your symptoms are especially bad, also take the appropriate cold and flu medicine. This will help you get through your day, and will help you sleep. Sleep and plenty of fluids are essential to quick recovery, as everyone knows.

Street Talk

Really helpful info here, Thanks for sharing it Andrew

  about 1 decade ago

This is a timely article. It's 430 am and I can't sleep with a heavy head and niggling cough. I'm quite disgusted because I don't like being sick and try and do the things that keep me healthy. I do agree, however, that an illness is likely to be shorter. I'm blaming that I ran out of my olive leaf extract a couple of weeks ago and didn't get more and have been under more 'busy stress' than usual. I'll be taking your advice and getting something to mask the symptoms... firstly because I can't cope without enough sleep and secondly it's just nicer when working with the public to have an appearance of being well! Of course my preference would be not to work at all in this situation but with another staff member away that's just not possible this week.

  about 1 decade ago

I know how that goes, Heather! It's been a while, but a few months ago we had a bunch of people out at my work. Someone has to pick up the slack, right? Another way to put it is that OTC medications are like a "band-aid" that provides a quick but superficial "fix," while proper diet and exercise are the underlying "surgery" that provides a more permanent fix to the problem of getting sick.

  about 1 decade ago
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