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Burn Fat To Expose Your Abs
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I've seen them, you've seen them, we all see them everyday. What you ask? The never ending info-mercials advertising the latest and greatest abdominal exercise apparatus machines. They all claim that you can burn fat to expose your abs with one simple workout. Don't believe it.

If the last great ab workout machine was so great then why does another one pop up on the market just about every other day. They all come claiming to help you show off your great six pack abs even when there are pounds and pounds of fat in the way. The truth is, there is no ab workout machine or exercise that will burn the fat and expose your ab muscles. Ab workouts do not eliminate belly fat. The ab muscles are there but they are buried and the only way to expose them is through proper diet and exercise. Now, there are ab machines and exercises that are good at building and toning the ab muscles but you need to burn fat to expose your ab muscles first.

Cardio is one of the main components of fat burning. If your goal is to lose weight, i'm sure your not talking about losing muscle. So then, your goal has to be losing fat, Right? Lets be honest, we all want to decrease FAT. If you want to burn fat and expose your abs, you need to TARGET FAT. Don't think of burning calories. You can get on an elliptical, treadmill, bike or whatever and go at it for an hour or two, but what a waste of time. Spending this kind of time is only going to burn off muscle and calories. In order to target fat during cardio you need to work in Intervals. For example; Go outside and pace off 100 yards. Sprint that 100 yards and when you finish walk back to the starting point. Walking back will allow your heart rate to drop. When you reach the starting point, sprint again. Repeat this process 10-12 or 15 times, 3 to 4 times per week and you will see a dramatic drop in fat loss, not muscle loss. If you think it sounds easy go and try it. You can conduct this same workout on treadmills and ellipticals by manually changing the speed or level of intensity. A good rule of thumb is a speed of 7 rpm's. More and more studies are showing that this is the most effective and time effective way to target and burn fat. In fact, it will help keep your metabolism high during the day which also helps burn fat to expose your abs.

Diet is just as important as cardio. We all have been told by our parents, schools, work, FDA etc that eating fat is bad. All you have to do is look at the labels of just about anything you consume orally and can see it. Fat free, Light, Reduced Fat etc. Natural fats are not bad, in fact they are beneficial to you. Egg-yolks, cheese, natural peanut butter, nuts etc. These are good for the body. It's the Trans fats that come from Polyunsaturated fat, like partially hydrogenated oil that are harmful. Margarine which comes from vegetable oil is a great example of an unhealthy fat. It tastes nasty! Right? So shouldn't that be a simple clue that it's not good for you? It is for me!

Sugars and starches, are BAD CARBS. They are basically one in the same in that they have no dietary value and when mixed with fats store in the body as fat. They don't do anything to burn fat to expose your abs. Refined sugar (white table sugar), enriched flour, pasta, white bread, soda pop and so on should be avoided. If you eliminate these bad carbs you can eat the healthy fats which taste wonderful and are good for you without putting on extra fat weight. If you combine any fats good or bad along with carbs, you will gain fat weight. So, if you want to burn fat and expose your ab muscles eliminate carbs. Increase dietary fiber such as fruit and vegetables. Eliminate polyunsaturated fats and eat only healthy fats as described earlier.

One last thing. Consume 100% Whey protein in between meals and after workouts. This will give you low fat, low carbs and Amino Acids which are very important for keeping the body running at optimum performance. Eat right, cardio and burn fat to expose your abs.

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