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Coconut Oil- Can It Keep Sickness Away?
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Coconut Oil- Can It Keep Sickness Away?

When is the last time you got sick? How many times in a given year do you get the sniffles, or maybe even a full blown case of the flu? Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between cleanliness and health. People that don't bathe regularly for example are much more likely to not be working at peak health than those that do for example. The harder the body is made to work, the more its natural defenses against disease are broken down.

Coconut Oil To Keep The Sniffles Away

Today I would like to briefly cover one of the less obvious benefits of virgin coconut oil. This benefit of coconut oil is found much more behind the scenes than perks like soft skin, or more energy. This does not, however, change that this is one of my favorite benefits of virgin coconut oil. Are you ready?

An absolutely indispensable benefit of coconut oil is that it actually helps your body in the war against organisms in the world that are out to get you! I have shown in other articles that using coconut oil on your skin is very good for it on a superficial level as well as helping in the war against aging on a deeper level. The good news is, if you are using the oil for these reasons, you are also getting the added benefit of coconut oil which means you will not get sick as often!

Coconut Oil Is Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, AND Antiviral!

That's right folks, one of the benefits of virgin coconut oil is it will help your body to fight against common, and less common ailments such as acne, ringworm, herpes, boils, athlete's foot, and warts. These are but a few of the infectious conditions that can be staved off by simply taking advantage of the benefits of virgin coconut oil.

How Does It Work?

Some of you might be wondering how this benefit of coconut oil is different from using antibacterial soaps. First of all, I would strongly advise that you read some literature about how our society is actually more susceptible to bacterial infections because of antibacterial soap and overuse of antibiotics for ailments such as the flu. Secondly, coconut oil does not have any innate antibacterial, antimicrobial, or antiviral qualities!


What happens, is that the coconut oil, or more specifically, the triglycerides in the coconut oil, combines with your bodies natural defense mechanism to increase its ability to fight off these types of organism. As you well know, our skin naturally produces its own oils, which ideally are slightly acidic in composition. This is the mechanism that we are naturally gifted with for fighting off bacteria, viruses, and other microbial nonsense that we would like to just not have to deal with.

Coconut Oil vs Antibacterial Soap

So what is it that makes this benefit of coconut oil so much better than using antibacterial soap? Simple, the very act of using soap not only washes any dirt and grime away from your skin, but it also, by design, breaks up your bodies natural oils. This in turn leaves your body wide open to picking up whatever microorganism might be laying around.

In contrast to this, one of the major benefits of virgin coconut oil is that it adds more free fatty acids to your skin, which is exactly what the skin is producing already to combat these same microorganisms! So in essence you win doubly by using this benefit of coconut oil. You are firstly not washing away your bodies natural defenses, and secondly adding even more fortification.


My suggestion to you is to do some reading on antibiotics and antibacterial soaps. Draw your own conclusions and make a decision as to whether you will continue to use them or not and by all means, ask your doctor. There have been some cases where people use so many soaps and sanitizers that when they do get sick it's almost impossible to get better because the bacteria in them is immune to most antibiotics already.

My wife and I use soap in our house that is not antibacterial for general hand washing use. Our secret weapon is using coconut oil daily as a skin moisturizer. Being the behind the scenes greatest of the benefits of virgin coconut oil, neither of us have gotten so much as the sniffles in over a year! This benefit of coconut oil alone is worth getting yourself a jar to use daily, even if you just applied it to your hands.

The best part of all is that taking advantage of this particular benefit of coconut oil will be easy. Many of the benefits of virgin coconut oil are much more apparent and fun to take advantage of. Just consider this benefit to be a bonus as you enjoy your beautiful skin and energized outlook on life!

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I use it for almost EVERYTHING... my skin, hair, deodorant, and for energy. I also try to cook with it as much as possible.

  about 1 decade ago
Ally D  

This is so interesting. Its funny, I was just at the store looking for coconut oil since my sister uses for all her cooking and swears by it. Here's another great use I never heard of. I'm putting it on my list. Good article!

  about 1 decade ago
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