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Coq10 Benefits - Avoid Premature Aging!
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Coq10 Benefits  -  Avoid Premature Aging!

I would hope that everyone reading this article is doing their best to eat right and exercise in order to prolong life. Unfortunately, the statistics indicate otherwise. An exhaustive fifty year study showed that fifty percent males and two out of three females suffered serious heart problems with no warning signs. People are dying of heart disease at an alarming rate! But one group of people are ahead of the odds. Researchers have found that Japanese citizens are living longer energetic lives due to their diet, one rich in CoQ10. CoQ10 benefits all one hundred trillions cells in your body!

The Japanese eat a diet of fish and vegetables. Now our western culture has made its way into their country with all the poisonous fast food, but the older generation grew up on a diet of CoQ10 from fish. This nutrient helps maintain healthy blood pressure, proper triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and reduce the chance of blood clots. The CoQ10 benefits from a proper diet can help you reduce your risk of sudden heart failure due to poor diet.

What are some other CoQ10 benefits? Well, other than keeping your heart muscle pumping vigorously, it improves energy levels, helps prevent premature aging from free radicals, helps keep a normal blood pressure level, and aids in keeping mental clarity. CoQ10 benefits every cell in your body: it's the power switch in every cell!

Every cell in your body has an engine called the mitochondrion. Remember your high school biology class? Do you remember studying cellular energy? Well, this is where your life can depend on it! Your body requires this cellular energy to function: to keep the heart beating, the brain sending signals to the rest of the body, the liver functioning, and the movement of every muscle in your body. Your cells can't function properly without sufficient amounts CoQ10. The CoQ10 benefits are that of allowing the mitochondrion to turn food and oxygen into energy. CoQ10 in the heart allows the heart muscle to beat more strongly.

In a healthy person CoQ10 is created abundantly in your liver early in life. But by the time a person reaches age thirty, CoQ10 production slows down, hence premature aging if it is not supplemented. Eating fish, eggs, fresh raw vegetables like spinach and broccoli, raw nuts, and unprocessed whole grains are all sources rich in CoQ10. These foods are needed as internal CoQ10 liver production decreases as much as eighty percent in adults later years. So you can see how the older Japanese generation has lived so healthfully for so long. Their diet includes foods rich in CoQ10!

The CoQ10 benefits are numerous! You can prevent premature aging, poor heart health, decreased energy, and overall poor health by assuring you are getting enough of this vital nutrient in your diet. If you can't get it from healthy food choices be sure to find a good CoQ10 supplement. Franz prefers you get the necessary nutrients your body needs from the foods you eat, but I know everyone's situation is different. So do your research and trust that the CoQ10 benefits are worth the effort to be sure you are getting enough CoQ10 in your diet!

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