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Dangers Of Meat And Dairy
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Dangers Of Meat And Dairy

Now if I asked you the question " What are the benefits of meat and dairy for your body?" Chances are you would tell me "Protein and Calcium" True they do contain that in which we've all been told for many years that we should make them a large portion of our diet. However this couldn't be further from the truth. In this article I will be shining a torch to those dark secrets they never told us, the dangers of meat and dairy.

Would you believe that the average person 100 years ago only consumed 120 pound of meat and 195 pounds of dairy, however in the year 2010 the average person consumes roughly 222 pounds of meat and over 600lbs of dairy, that's a huge increase!

When we consume meat the cholesterol actually stays in our blood vessels and hardens into plaque which can lead to heart disease and heart attacks. Studies on rats in laboratory's have noticed that meat protein is really good at turning on cancer. Eating roughly 5% percent protein the rats had no cancers, however when they were given 20% protein the rats we getting cancers.

Typically we need about 5% to 8% protein from our foods in our diet which are in the lowest protein foods such as potato's or rice. When given plant based proteins the rat's weren't getting cancers and when given to rats with the cancers its stopped and even saw it in remission. 1000's of chemicals working in symphony protecting the body from potential threats.

Every plant based food has calcium. People that have a high dairy diet are at a high risk from Osteoporosis which affects the bones causing them to become weak and brittle. Animal proteins and dairy are known to cause acidosis which is an increase in pH of our blood causing damage to the blood vessels. And when this happens your body pulls calcium from wherever it can (mainly your bones) to help bring the pH down to normal levels. Try thinking about this when you have heart burn/ indigestion what you take to get rid of it? Chalk basically which is calcium carbonate and that is what neutralizes the excess acidity of your stomach. Which is the same thing essentially happening in your blood vessels.

Its funny how we are brought up to drink our milk as it "make our bones grow strong" whereas it does the complete opposite. Cow's milk is designed for cows NOT for humans. I would suggest that you cut dairy and meats out completely but if you are not able to do that, I would strongly recommend that you reduce it as much as you possibly can, for a healthier lifestyle.

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