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Detoxing Mercury And Heavy Metals With Chlorella Algae
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Detoxing Mercury And Heavy Metals With Chlorella Algae

I love looking around in Organic and Health Stores. I love browsing and checking out products that I don't know. When I see something I have not heard of, I take mental notes and at home I search the Internet about the product. I learn a lot about nutrition this way every day.

I have discovered a lot of interesting stuff that during the years have become part of my nutritional routine. After reading about a product if it is superior and necessary to my diet, I add it to my health regime. I have experienced the power of some incredible products first hand. I am extremely selective of nutritional products that I use daily.

One of these discoveries was the Clark's Colloidal Mineral supplement. If you don't know it, I highly recommend that you check it out and consider adding it to your supplementation every couple of months.

This might sound radical, but in my eight-year supplementation I have noticed so many positive changes in my own health and body and observed and hearid so many of my friends' and clients' stories that I truly believe that anyone who does not take a top class supplement on a daily bases is committing a 'slow suicide'.

In our modern world, living in cities, inhaling petrol fume, using harmful chemicals in our homes, drinking water that has added fluoride in it, eating produce that is loaded with pesticides just to mention a few, we are exposed to so many chemicals that no wonder, our population is getting sicker and sicker.

While the health conscious citizens have long changed to vegetarian diet, shop for organic produce and take supplementation daily for prevention, most people still skip breakfast, come to life in the morning after consuming a cup of coffee, drink soda or coke at lunch, smoke, drink and eat processed food and who knows what harmful things they do to their bodies.

While nutrition in general helps to feed our bodies with what we need to keep our cells healthy and functioning, not every nutrition has the capacity to remove harmful toxins from our bodies the way some algae can.

Now, when Superfoods are such a fashion and almost daily we hear a new food called Superfood that qualifies to be the powerhouse of nutrition we can't live without, there is still not much talk about algae.

Chlorella is one of these algae that you should pay attention to. Chlorella is a unicellular green algae that grows in fresh waters. It gives the waters a green tint when grown in large quantities. Chlorella is packed with vitamins A, B (all B-s), C and E and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zink, iron and potassium in a natural form and what is even better, it contains 55% protein in its balanced form.

Chlorella is widely used by the Japanese as a nutritional supplement. It has been studied by scientists with the intention of being used to feed the masses. NASA also studied Chlorella with the intention of feeding astronauts and to grow it on space stations.

Presently, Chlorella is being used by some medical practitioners in many countries, for example at he Breast Cancer Haven in the UK in cancer treatments. According to Nada Brydon senior therapist, Chlorella traps toxins within the intestine, and removes it from the body. It assists peristaltic movements to eliminate waste materials from the system. Chlorella is preventative against constipation, too.

Chlorella contains Vitamin K so some people need to be careful using it.

One of the many health benefits of taking Chlorella is to alkalize the body. It is more widely accepted theory now that reducing acidity of the body prevents many diseases, including cancer.

Chlorella binds to heavy metals and pesticides and removes them from the body therefore extremely good for detoxification. If you have mercury filling in your teeth, have been exposed to chemicals or radiation, Chlorella can be applied successfully to remove unwanted materials from your system.

Chlorella has a high chlorophyll content which means it brings light energy to our cells. Adding chlorophyll to our diet increases our body's oxygenation which assists our organs to operate at a more efficient level resulting in slower aging process, better tissue repair and rejuvenation.

Many users of Chlorella experience increased energy levels, vitality, elevated moods, faster hair and skin growth along with improved quality of skin. Other benefits involve lowering blood pressure and dealing with diabetes, just to name some of the common health problems of the population.

When looking for Chlorella as a supplement or for detoxification, make sure that you look for broken cell wall Organic Chlorella that is[pure and more digestible.

If you have any medical condition, consult your medical practitioner before you start taking Chlorella. Also, if you are not used eating lots of greens or taking supplements, the detoxifying effect can have some unexpected signs. In that case reduce your dosage to allow your body to gently get used to increased nutrition and deal with the cleansing process.

Be sensitive to changes in your body during the detoxification process. Rest if needed and drink plenty of pure water to assist your body in cleansing then rejuvenation. Eat light, mostly vegetable meals so you don't overload your system with heavy meals while your body is eliminating toxins.

When using supplementation, always make sure that you chose 100% natural products instead of synthetic products. If it does not look and taste like food, it is not natural. Be kind to your body and give it the best possible fuel. This is the only body you have got.

Whenever you decide to make positive chnages to your diet, give it plenty of time. Your body has the capacity to rejuvenate itself but change takes time and some of them are invisible. Just because you can't see it and can't feel it, it is still taking place. be patient and stick with it! The long term result will blow your mind!

Cheers, Piroska

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