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Do You Know What Fruits Are Good For You?
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Do You Know What Fruits Are Good For You?

It is known, that fruits are an integral part of the human diet, however in some cases fruits can cause more harm than good. So what fruits are good for you? There seems to be no specific fruit that has actually been deemed bad for you, but fruit is one thing you need a balance of, not too much but not too little. Eating fruit in moderation is of course healthy, but fruit found in supermarkets have been through hybridization. Through hybridization, growers have developed sweeter, bigger fruits for the consumer, which in turn has produced many negative effects. Are these fruits good for you? Most definitely not.

The problem with hybridization is the added sugars inside of the fruit that are not in the all-natural version of that same fruit. The added sugar causes several health issues including tooth decay, complications with diabetes, and the inability to maintain a healthy weight. Natural organic fruits are a safer, healthier choice due to a reduced amount of sugar, and the lack of other chemicals used in growing them. Are organic fruits good for you? You bet they are.

Another issue with some fruits is that they may be coated in pesticides from the farm. All fruit is rinsed before going onto the shelf at your local supermarket, but sometimes trace amounts of the pesticides can still be found on the fruit. These small traces have no immediate impact on your health in most cases, but over time can affect various tissues in your body and your immune system, so wash your fruits at home. Unwashed fruits are not good for you.

The only type of fruit that has been specifically set aside as being unhealthy is dried fruits. Dried fruits are very sweet, and many people enjoy dried fruit as a snack thinking that they are healthy. These types of fruits are not good for you. The problem with dried fruit is that it is loaded with sugar, and since it’s dehydrated, most people eat excessive amounts of it. The amount of calories you would ingest eating a plain apple for example would be a fraction of the calories you take in eating dried apple chips for the same hunger satisfaction. Another less healthy fruit choice is canned fruit. Canned fruit is often submerged in a sugar filled syrup. Sure, canned fruits are convenient and taste great, but fruit has enough sugar in it already. No need to add more with the syrup. So what fruits are good for you from the dried goods and canned shelves? Probably none, therefore, dried and canned fruits are best left on the shelf.

In conclusion, what fruits are good for you all depends on what type of fruits you eat. Consumers should be aware of the benefits of all-natural fruit over mass produced supermarket fruit. In addition, fruit intake should be moderated because even natural fruit has large amounts of sugar, and carbohydrates in them. Fruits will remain a very important part of our diets and we benefit from the nutrients gained from fruit every day. Just remember, all things in moderation, including delicious fruit.

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