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Easy Ways To Boost The Immune System
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Easy Ways to Boost the Immune System

What an amazing machine the human body is. Case and point –our immune system. There are some easy ways to boost the immune system, and having a healthy immune system will create better health, reduce risk of disease and promote a better quality of life.

Our immune system is at work twenty-four-seven. Take a little cut on the finger as an example. When we cut ourselves there are a myriad of white blood cells that rush to the surface of the skin to mediate infection. We don’t have to call them into action, they automatically respond. Platelets also arrive to stop you from bleeding to death, for without them, you would. Our immune system literally can stop us from dying every day.The immune system in a weakened state results in increased susceptibility to every possible thing that can make you sick.

One of the primary tasks of the immune system is to identify those things that can potentially cause problems and separate them into one of two categories. The first category is "self" (things that are naturally supposed to be in the body). The second category is "non-self" (foreign invaders that are not supposed to be in the body). When the immune system confronts the “non-self” foreign invaders, the task is clear –eliminate them.

The immune system is a complex network of organs and other structures that include the lymph system, bone marrow, white blood cells, as well as specialized cells found in tissue. Adults are less susceptible than young children because the immune system has “seen” more things and has developed a susceptibility to foreign invaders.

The immune system can be broken down into two parts. The first is cell mediated immunity. The second is called humoral immunity. Cell mediated is defined by white blood cell activity. Like mentioned earlier, when a cancer or virus invades the body, the white blood cells respond like soldiers rushing to meet the enemy. Humoral immunity is the actual production of antibodies, comprised of special proteins. White blood cells are always the first line of defense. The white blood cells are larger than red blood cells so they can move independently in the bloodstream and pass through cell walls. Often, when a white blood cell count is high on a standard blood test, it is an early tip-off that cancer may be in the body.

How does our immune system become weakened?

On of the biggest factors that create a weakened immune system is stress. How? Stress creates oxidation of the membranes of the cells, allowing free radical cells to compromise them. It is easier said than done to try and completely eliminate stress in our lives. Let’s face it, though we can try and cut-down on unnecessary stress, as humans, we will always have some level of stress.

To counter-balance stress and help support the immune system, take antioxidants and eat water-rich fruits and vegetables. These can help tremendously. Another extremely effective way to support the immune system is to get plenty of rest. When you are tired, the body’s ability to create energy and create new cells is impeded, and in turn, your immune system becomes impeded.

Exercise is also very good for the immune system. During exercise, the rate of blood flow is increased dramatically. The cells enjoy this ride in the "stream" and flourish as a result of it.

I am often asked about the relationship between food and the immune system. Perhaps the single largest contributing factor to the state of one’s immune system is food. Food that is not comprised of nutrient-dense calories is inevitably stored in a very large storage container in the body. This storage container is the colon. For many people, the colon becomes so full; the matter actually pushes through the colon and leaks into the bloodstream.

Colon health is tremendously important to overall health. When toxic waste builds up in the colon, waste that is there through bad food choices, and begins to leak into the bloodstream, it taxes the white blood cells and prevents them from doing what they should be doing –finding and neutralizing foreign invaders. This weakens the immune system and makes one more susceptible to disease.

So, in summary, there are a lot of factors that can create a weakened immune system. Stress, lack of rest and certainly food and diet are a few of the largest contributors.

One of the best ways to counter-balance these negative influences is to eat nutrient-dense calories. Remember, food was intended to be medicine to the body. Unfortunately, food has become, in many ways, poison. That is because much of what we put in our mouth is void of nutrients, called naked calories. Perhaps the most nutrient-dense calories available are from juicing dark-green, leafy vegetables. Many people find juicing too time-consuming and too expensive. As an alternative, people are beginning to use superfood drinks as an alternative. It’s much easier to mix a superfood powder into a drink rather than the daunting task of juicing produce.

There are many things you can do to improve immune function and stay healthier. Reducing stress and concentrating on consuming more nutrient-dense calories from dark-green, leafy vegetables or even by supplementing with superfoods can be a tremendous way to keep that immune system functioning optimally.

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