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Eat Yourself Healthy
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Eat Yourself Healthy

Have you ever heard the term nutritarian? This is a person who practices eating foods that are high in micro nutrients so that they deliver the most benefit per calorie consumed. The idea is to eat foods that have a high nutrient value as opposed to high calorie, low nutrition foods which cause weight gain with out providing the things your body needs to repair its cells.

It seems we have developed the mindset that french fries with catchup constitutes a vegetable. I have actually seen them listed that way on a menu. A steak may be very tasty and desirable to look at but really has very little nutritional value. Your steak is also high calorie, mostly from fat, and has little fiber. So it becomes a game of choose this and not that.

You may be saying to me, what is in it for me, or in other words what is my motivation? I would say to you that I have had the misfortune of watching several people that I love and care about suffer with type 2 diabetes, and others with cancer. Over a period of several years they spent every dime they had going to doctors and undergoing therapies of various kinds until they die. They suffer physically, they suffer emotionally and many times ask the questions why, why me? It can be environmental, it can be an inherited trait, but there is accumulating evidence that what we eat, or do not eat has a lot to do with it.

Wisdom of the day has taught us that we need to eat less to lose weight. There is no doubt that many times a lower calorie intake will help. Someone once told me that weight loss was simple, burn more calories than you eat. That sounds simplistic, but has it's merits. Along with this you still need to get the nutrition that your body needs to repair its cells and support your immune system. There is growing evidence that you can eat yourself healthy, although it takes some discipline and willpower but I can guarantee the results are worth it. It also takes more than a vitamin pill, as many supplements have toxicity of their own.

Eat healthy, live healthy. About 10 years ago I was way overweight, my blood pressure was out of control and my cholesterol was too high. My wake up call, came when I flunked a physical for a health insurance policy. They said I was too high a risk. A doctor suggested that I change my lifestyle. Basically he said eat vegetarian, and go for a walk. I bought an "eat yourself healthy" book and began to exercise.

Now you might be saying that this was easy for me to do. However I want you to know that I was raised on a dairy farm. I was used to raw cows milk, bacon and eggs, steak or chicken with every meal. In others words I was one of those "meat and potatoes guys" In my dad's house you would get shot for saying the word vegetarian. But you know what; I looked around and almost all of those farmers were dead, or dying. Everyone of my friends and neighbors that were just a few years older than me had diabetes, heart disease, cancer or a combination of the above. The ones that were still alive were taking about twenty medications a day to stay that way.

I have switched to a diet of raw vegetables, large salads, with green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans and mushrooms. For desert I have fresh fruit, and berries. These are foods that are low in calories, high in vitamins minerals and phytochemicals. They are also rich in fiber so I don't eat as much and it helps my regularity. I do eat some chicken breast and fish even though that is not on the menu in most nutritarian programs. For breakfast I often have low processed grain like steel cut oats or brown rice with soy milk, and raw walnuts or almonds.

Along with the new way of eating I walk a minimum of 5 miles a day. I usually get that at my work place but occasionally I need to walk in the park or around a grocery store a few times to get it all in. I do things like park in the farthest parking spot at the mall or grocery store.

This combination has done wonders for me, my weight is under control, my blood pressure is good and my cholesterol is under the limits my doctor set. Oh yes and I qualify for health insurance again. I suggest you try it and hope you get better results or at lest as good as I got.

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Very good information about eating healthy.

  about 1 decade ago
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