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Eating A Raw Food Diet
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Eating A Raw Food Diet

When we hear about eating raw foods, a ton of question and thoughts begin to run wild in our mind. Am I suppose to eat only raw foods? who can do that? I don't know if I can eat raw food, much more to introduce any one else to it. would I really survive on a raw food diet? and some may have a lot more question, but I has been on and off for about a year and a half now, more off than on and there has been comments and questions as to why any one would want to eat raw foods. I would just smile that eating raw food is not just a diet ,but a life style.

It is just not a good for me diet, but, there can be lots of benefits arriving from eating a diet of living foods, benefits such as:

  • Clearer skin
  • Increase energy

And an over all optimal health, many of us are new to the concept of eating raw food, but there are a lot of people who has been doing this for many years. If we can go back a little in time humans has been eating raw foods since then, we have strayed, but, again it is becoming very popular as a growing number of people is returning to a raw food diet, including some of your favorite movie star around the globe who has been following a raw food diet.

Many cities around the cities are opening up raw food restaurant, or they may be serving a few raw dishes, today we can walk into some of our local book store, or even surf the internet and we can find many, many books on eating a raw food diet, its benefit and lots of recipes that you can start off with. We can take a deeper look at eating raw and see what all the excitement is about, it is also very important to know that eating raw foods is not an all or nothing approach, we can eat around 70-80% raw food and we will be still considered as following a raw food diet. Because to be 100% raw takes a lot of faithfulness and determination, finding the right diet for you and having some one like, a mentor are a professional health coach to guide you in the beginning stage.

Many will be drawn to a raw food diet with the desire to be release from some health issues, that was not help by any other diets are healing concept that we may have tried. Having the opportunity to be more energetic and a good feeling every day for the rest of their life is a good feeling for those who make a conscious decision to eat a much healthier way. Some of us may have a goal to lose weight, and to definitely keep it off, while others may just want to bring their health to another level, but, regardless of your reasons eating a live food diet, may well be the key to your optimal health.

There are many people who has been following this type of diet for many years, and its not that they are just surviving, but they has blossom into a more youthful vigorous way of life. Most of them will tell you it is not a diet in any way, but a lifestyle, so this is why so many people are soo.. excited about a raw food diet. there are many who may not be to successful on this diet, but it is because they may eat too many fruits, over eat on raw food treats and junk foods and yes there can even be junk foods in this diet, because there are many whole foods that claim to be healthy and they are not. Sometimes we can even crumble under social pressures, but the point of importance is; that it does not matter what diet we may follow, if we can just leave the junk out and eat healthier food, we will live a more happier, healthier and energetic life. The key is for us to know what defines junk food and what foods are healthy.

What is a raw diet? it is a diet based on:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetable
  • Nuts and Seeds

Sea vegetables is also included, freshness is always key, avoid process foods and we should try to avoid heating our food above 118F degrees and drink a lot of water. finding the combination of food that will best fit you can become a little bit tease, never the less the results will worth the effort! You can do research that will make starting on eating a raw food diet a little easier for you.

Many times a raw meal can be just a simple salad, but there's a lot of very good tasty recipes that will leave your mouth watering for more and if you can take some of those recipes and be a little imaginative you will be able to wisp up some of your own recipes, that will work wonders and you might even forget about cooking your food.I do hope I have put some light on start eating a raw food diet, and you would be motivated in giving it a shot. If you are a beginner, you can start by adding a green smoothie each day, if you have been at this for a while just continue to add more raw foods to your diet that will be beneficial after all. you don,t have to make one big jump into eating a raw food diet. Just do a little at a time what ever is better for you, what is important is making a start. Stay healthy,happy and be energize! Start eating a raw food diet, live healthy.

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