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Eating Slowly To Lose Weight: Can It Be?
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Eating Slowly to Lose Weight: Can it Be?

Ya, slow eating Franz here! This might seem like a silly idea, but it has been proven in clinical studies that eating slowly to lose weight actually does work. We are a fast food, pre-packaged, eat-on-the-run society. We have been taught that we should shove food in our mouths, and then head off to the next more important thing. But, what could be more important than sitting down and enjoying a meal.

Worse than that is eating in front of the television. Instead of focusing on the food we are eating, and enjoying it, we are focused on the television and mindlessly stuffing food in while not paying attention to how many calories are actually being consumed. It’s eating for the fun of it. It has been taught that this is what we are supposed to do: watch the television and eat junk food! Now come on, admit it! It’s football season! You can’t tell me that this is not the case. This is a big problem in the United States!

If your focus for the New Year is going to be to lose pounds, than eating slowly to lose weight is a great place to start. If you must eat in front of the television, at least take a small portion of food and take twenty minutes to complete that meal. Drink water with the meal. If you are eating slowly to lose weight then you will give your brain the time it needs to realize that the food you started consuming twenty minutes earlier was actually eaten. If you wolf down your entire meal in ten minutes, chances are you are still going to be hungry as your brain will not have received the message yet that food has hit the stomach.

So, how can you eat slowly to lose weight? First, chew your food. No, really chew it, not just a couple of jaw grinds and a swallow, really give it twenty to thirty chews, and enjoy what you are eating. Focus on the taste. Second, take a break. Put the fork down and pace yourself. Look to stretch eating the meal on your plate for twenty minutes. Third, drink water with your meal. Having a big glass of water will fill up your stomach and help you to feel full and satiated until your brain gets the message too. Finally, serve normal meal portions to limit the number of calories to the three to five hundred calories that a meal should be.

If you apply these principles of eating slowly to lose weight than you will be well on your way to proper eating habits and weight control. If you eat four to six meals a day using this method, you will also be speeding up your metabolism. Ya, trust Franz here! Zis does work! You will get so much more out of the food you are eating, lose weight, and probably save money on the food bill. Not a bad thing, right?

As always, I wish you vibrant health, many blessings, and a long life!

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