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Fat Loss Eating Made Easy
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Fat Loss Eating Made Easy

Eating for fat loss can seem quite complicated and all the information and contradicting ideas can be overwhelming. As complicated as it may seem it really is not. In order for you to be able to understand and implement this into your life it needs to be simple. Most the mumbo jumbo circulating about fat loss eating is just that.... mumbo jumbo.

Calories are the first thing that you have to take control of, a lot of the other advice here will help you reduce this but I will give you quick way of doing it now. There are tons of daily caloric requirement calculators online, just enter your; age, gender, weight etc... and it will tell you how many calories you need just to maintain. For fat loss just reduce this by about 300 calories.

Everything you eat will be, pretty much, to keep your calories in check. This brings us nicely onto food choices. This is about making eating for fat loss simple therefore I will keep it simple. Try whenever possible to eat whole foods.

Try and eat complex carbohydrates as these will release the energy slowly so that you can use it rather than store it as fat. There are many examples of complex carbohydrates: wholemeal flour, wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, oats, potatoes etc....

Proteins are also an important part of your diet. Proteins will help tone your body and build muscle if you’re exercising as well and muscle burns fat because it raises your metabolism. The most important thing is that you choose the right types and prepare it in a healthy way. So, don’t deep fry rather steam cook or cook it in the oven instead. Good sources of protein will be; fish, skinless chicken, lean meat and soya beans (really good source if you’re a vegetarian).

You should eat some fats too.... Yes that is right FATS! Good sources of fat would be things like nuts, avocadoes, olives and sunflower oil.

Want to know a secret fat loss drink? You ready? Water! There really isn’t a drink that will make you lose weight. The best you can do is reduce the amount of calories you drink or better yet cut it out all together. Green tea would be fine as well. If you really find water tasteless, then drink sugar free fruit juices. (This is more fat loss drinking rather than fat loss eating.)

Where a lot of people struggle to stick to their diets are snacks. You’re out and about and you get a sudden crave so you grab the bar of chocolate next to the counter. What you can do next time you are in that situation is instead of picking up something unhealthy you can choose something healthy.

To give you some ideas for better snacks to choose when you’re in a rush, you can choose some of these:

• Instead of fizzy drinks, get yourself a fruit juice.

• Instead of crisps, get unsalted rice cakes or breadsticks with low fat cream cheese.

• Instead of sweets, buy a handful of dried fruit.

•Instead of a chocolate bar get a banana.

Fat loss eating does not have to be hard or confusing. By making these simple changes you can really change your body. These are really just guidelines, so if you absolutely love chocolate cake treat yourself once in a while. Better yet only give it to yourself if you managed to control your eating for a certain period of time. I know this doesn’t cover everything but the main idea is that this is something you can put to practice right now making nutrition for fat loss easy to implement.

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