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Fiber Added Foods May Be Failing To Live Up To Their Hype
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Fiber Added Foods May Be Failing to Live Up to Their Hype

The ads claim that high fiber foods will help you lose weight because they fill you up. They also claim that they will keep you more regular, furthering aiding your digestion and weight loss efforts. But, how realistic are those claims and are all fiber rich foods stacked up the same? In a study published in the journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, fiber processed foods, or foods which have had fiber added to them did nothing to improve feelings of satiety, having no effect on calorie consumption during the day.

The study, a very small one, used twenty two women who were given high fiber breakfast bars in the morning.On other days, the women were given regular bars that were fairly low in fiber. Researchers found that all of the women still registered the same level of hunger on both days and their food intake (calories, types of food and amounts of food) remained the same.

But, the study did not suggest that people stop eating fiber because most people are not getting enough to begin with. The concern however, is that people are eating huge, fiber added things at breakfast time and hoping they can coast through until dinner time without feeling hungry or overeating. But, too much fiber at one setting can cause painful cramping, increase gas levels and may cause bloating as well.

The US Department of Agriculture issues its recommendations on all foods and supplements, including fiber. For women, the recommendation is for twenty to twenty five grams per day. The recommendation for men is slightly higher at thirty grams or more per day. The average adult in the US consumes around twelve grams of fiber each day.

There is a remarkably low standard for the "good source of fiber" to be added to food labels. The Food and Drug Administration sets the standard for that designation for foods that have three grams of fiber or more. But, nutritionists often caution that if you are seeing foods that are not fruits or vegetables listed with high fiber counts, often as high as nine or ten grams per serving, you can assume that the fiber has been added to the food during processing which may make it harder to digest and may make you more prone to bloating and discomfort. Most of your daily fiber should come from natural food sources, spread out throughout the day to make it easier to handle.

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It all boils down to balance and common sense. Thanks for this info Amie, i can use it as reference for one of my pages if you do not mind

  about 1 decade ago

Absolutely not! What good is info if you never share it? ;)

  about 1 decade ago
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