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Foods That Gives A Boost To Your Brain's Performance
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Foods That Gives A Boost to Your Brain\'s Performance

Our brain is an organ with constant hunger, brain cells requires an amount of energy twice compare to that of other cells in our body. The energy level must be sustained high enough for it to function efficiently throughout the day, and to avoid mental stress and exhaustion.

To keep it simple, when your brain is not stressed, it can work well continuously which is a good news because your work won't suffer. For example you work from morning all the way to evening, then you need to fill in the needs of your brain to give an excellent working performance throughout the day.

For Breakfast

Being the most important meal of the day, it plays a big part on giving our body the energy before we start the day, but how many of us take this seriously? It's alright, there are always shortcuts.

Mornings are not complete without the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee, it gives the boost that kicks in quickly for a few reason. First, the caffeine, which increase the physical and mental performance, however this is limited for a short period of time only. Sugar is coffee's perfect mate, and also boost mental performance, but being a part of the simple carbohydrates family, it works for a couple of hours only. What we need is some complex carbohydrates to jump start our mornings.

An excellent source of these complex carbohydrates comes mostly from fruits. The carbohydrates from fruits have long chains of sugar molecules, so it takes the body to break it down slowly and release the glucose overtime which is essential for our brains. A bowl of fruit for breakfast is ideal energy source to start the brain's mechanism. Mental stress drains glucose, so maintain your glucose level by eating fruits which also a good source of fibers which is good for digestion. Most fruits contains almost 75% water, making it low in calories and can be eaten any time, all the time. The source of complex carbohydrates with the highest level is the berry and citrus family, which also contains antioxidant that protects the body from aging and lowers the risk of cognitive impairment.

Pair your fruits with protein that comes from milk, or cereals that gives your brain the same energy to keep working all day, improving your memory and keeping you alert. A cereal meal is perfect if packed with fruits, and is also a quick and easy breakfast to prepare before you start your day ahead.

For Lunch

Breads and fruits are perfect any time of the day. Vegetables performs well and do much of the same good as fruit. Salad is much better if you prefer eating vegetables because it regains the glucose level that might be altered if cooked. Adding egg to your mix will give more than just flavor and texture to your salad. As a leading source of choline, it is proven to boost mental performance by increasing the speed of sending signals to the nerve cells in the brain.

A full packed lunch is better than a heavy dinner. After a day's work, spend time to rest and eat light. Making your belly full before you sleep can disrupt your sleep cycle, and that is a bad news for you. A light meal consisting of bread, cheese and warm milk will give you a relaxing feeling that leads to a good night's sleep.

Oily fish such as cod and salmon are great source of omega-3 fatty acids, not only good for your heart, but it also builds your gray matter and cell membranes. Finally, adding yogurt and walnuts to your lunch will give you a balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Yogurt helps produce neurotransmitters, these improves signals amongst neurons, while walnuts neutralizes blood sugar levels.


Fueling the brain with various foods is not sufficient if you are dehydrated. Keep hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day, it is proven to lower stress hormones. Drinking non-caffeinated drinks like green tea gives you a calm feeling, it relaxes your brain for increased alertness. Natural fruit juice like the classic orange juice has the same benefits for the brain as the fruits and vegetables plus it keeps you hydrated.

Drinking alcohol moderately has many beneficial effects for the body, it increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain. The effect is not immediate, so don't go and try convincing yourself to drink right after you read this. A shot of brandy is good for the heart, while a glass of dark lager beer or two can lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Moderate alcohol consumption has various benefits for the brain.

All in all, moderation is still the best advice to make everything fall into the right place. A huge change in your diet is not necessary, what we need to know is that our diet may be lacking of foods that stimulate mental growth and productivity. Enhance your brain power with foods rich in the above's aspects and refrain yourself from consuming junk foods.

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