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Genetically Modified Crops - What You May Not Know!
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Genetically Modified Crops  -  What You May Not Know!

Franz does not want you to be like sheep when it comes to trusting that all the food you have access to is safe. You have to be aware of what potential hazards exist in the food chain. The proponents of genetically modified crops claim that these foods are safe to eat, more nutritious, benefit the environment, reduce pesticides, and have no risk compared to natural crops.

The other side of genetically modified crops is that they have shown to offer less nutritional value, create food allergies, can be toxic, increase long term pesticide use, offer no more benefits than conventionally grown crops, and since they are made in the lab, once released the genetically modified organisms can't be removed from the environment.

Genetic modification uses laboratory methods to artificially insert parts of genes to change the DNA of a plant to create new properties. It's like trying to breed a cat with a dog: it's not a natural thing that should occur! The problem is that genetic modification is still inaccurate and crude. The process creates mutations that ultimately create hazards to the extent we can't even comprehend with today's technology. Franz compares genetically modified crops to today's processed foods: they both should be avoided!

Now direct studies of genetically modified crops have not been conducted on humans yet, but like most medical studies, laboratory animals are being tested first. These studies are documented and available for anyone to see. They have been performed by reputable sources. So what did they show?

Laboratory rates that were fed genetically modified crops of tomatoes developed ulcers of the stomach.

Mice that were fed genetically modified soybeans had problems with the liver and pancreas functioning normally.

Genetically modified peas caused mice to develop allergic reactions.

Genetically modified grape seed oil given to laboratory rates created an enlarged liver which occurs when toxic substances are ingested.

Rats that were fed genetically modified potatoes showed the lining of the gut experiencing enlargement similar to what happens when cancers are starting to grow.

Rabbits and mice fed genetically modified soybeans over their lifetime showed rapid liver ageing and problems with normal kidney and heart function.

In medical studies performed on new drugs the process is similar to those just mentioned. Laboratory animals are used to see what effects a new drug has on them. If it is shown to be safe on animals then it is released for human testing. With genetically modified crops this does not happen. Testing is voluntary and those tests that have been done have been too short in duration to show the real story. The only long term tests that have been done are by those who want to denounce the use of these foods.

So what can you do? How do we know if the food we are eating has been genetically modified? How can we be sure we are not consuming genetically modified crops? There are a couple of ways: the first is to read the labels of the foods you buy. The second is that when it comes to produce, organic is always the best. Organic growers are fighting against genetically modified crops and we must support them as much as we can by buying their products.

As always, Franz wants you to experience vibrant health! That is why this topic is so important. Please be sure to do your research on the subject and do what you can to be sure the foods you eat create better health, not destroy it!

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