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Gluten And Lactose Free - Doing It Today
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Gluten And Lactose Free - Doing It Today

Is more difficult to be gluten free, lactose free or gluten and lactose free? Honestly, in today's world it's all easy and difficult at the same time. So many foods have been processed so that it's in a box or a can to where all one has to do is heat it in the microwave. Is it still possible to eat foods that your body is able to digest without complications?

It is and many people have been able to maintain healthy diets whether they must be gluten and lactose free or they choose to be. How have they done this? By simply understanding what they are eating. They have learned to read the ingredients list, they have learned to understand the basic components of each ingredient and they have learned how to create the same tasty meals but by using alternative methods.

When it is time to become free of both gluten and lactose in your life, there are some great products that can help you get started. Sometimes it helps to get a jump start on where to go and what to buy. Below are some brands and products that are gluten and/or lactose free and by replacing the ingredients they state to add, use your own.

In regards to food products that are gluten free (GF), below is a small selection of products that you can use to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts (okay, so maybe more sweets) with:

Betty Crocker

• GF Brownie Mix

• GF Chocolate Devil's Food Cake Mix

• GF Vanilla Cake Mix

Breads From Anna

• Gluten Dairy Soy Corn Free Mix

• Yeast Free Mix

• Pie Crust Mix

• Pumpkin Bread

Gifts of Nature

• Sandwich Bread

• All Purpose Mix

• GF Oats

Gluten Free Essentials

• Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

• Chipotle and Lime Rice Side

• Meatloaf Starter Mix

And what about lactose free products? Below are some great products that are lactose/dairy free and should be considered on your next trip to the grocery store.

• Amy's Vegetable Pie Pocket Sandwich

• Kashi Crunchy Honey Toasted 7 Grain Granola Bars

• Krusteaz Muffin Blueberry Mix

• Near East Rice Mixes

• Quaker Simple Harvest Chewy Honey Nut Flavored Granola Bars

• Van's Homestyle Waffles

• V8 Fusion Berry or Mango Fruit Juice

• 365 Organic Products

I could go on and on with the list above. Remember, you have to read labels and understand what is noted in the list of ingredients. It is very easy that looks like it would be lactose/dairy free and after a couple of bites you aren't feeling quite well.

It really is becoming easier to be both gluten and lactose free today. Probably the hardest part is switching from the brands you know to brands that are located on the very top shelf that no one seems to see. Larger grocers are beginning to carry a number of gluten free and lactose free items. Some even have certain areas in the store where all of the products are located together.

Making the change from unhealthy to healthy is a big step but it is so important. Remember to read labels and understand what you are eating and you can be both gluten and lactose free.

There is so much information available today if one must or chooses to be gluten and lactose free. Our health is very important and if we can begin by making little changes, the effects will be life-long. Anyone can be gluten and lactose free; it's easier than you think.

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