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Going On A Raw Food Fast
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Going on A Raw Food Fast

If you want to lose weight, you must learn to fast on regular basis. You don’t need to starve yourself to death just to lose weight. You may even end up developing a serious illness or dangerous body condition when you engage in dry fasting for weight loss. The approach you can take is to go for raw food fast.

. It’s indeed the most effective way to fast when thinking of losing weight. It’s also the best approach to take when you want to detoxify your body without stress.

There are several approaches to take when going on a raw food fast. In the first place, you’re not expected to eat any heavy or staple food since you’re fasting. You’re only permitted to take raw foods. The major point to note is that you have to focus on taking selected food items all through the fasting period. Here are some helpful ideas on what to take.

· Raw vegetables

You can take few raw vegetables like carrot, green, cabbage, and broccoli and so on. You can combine a few of the vegetables. You have to take them raw as you go about the fasting period.

· Raw fruits

You can take raw fruits like cucumber, grapes, watermelon, pineapples, orange, and apples and so on. You don’t have to prepare a rich fruit salad since you’re fasting. You can only take a few of the fruits all through the period of the fasting. You can prepare a fruit juice and then go ahead to sip it as you break the fast.

· Raw snacks

During your raw food fast, you can go on raw snacks such as walnut, baby carrots, seaweed, avocado, cucumbers, pesto, banana, washed cabbage, homemade crackers and cookies. As you can see, raw snacks are also made up of raw veggies and raw fruits.

Apart from the above, you can also go for the following raw food ideas:

· You can take only raw nuts

· You can also take only raw seeds

· You can take vegetable broths

· You can take green smoothies

· You can take raw dish prepared with spices and herbs

When to break your raw food fast

When going on a raw food fast, you have to decide when to break the fast. It all depends on the fasting program you’re having. You can go on a 3 days fasting, one week fasting, 3 weeks fasting, one month fasting or even 3 to 6 months fasting. You can decide to break your fasting daily during the evening hours. Whichever is the case, you have to break the fast with a raw food item. Since you’re fasting, you don’t have to combine all the raw food items together. You simply go on a selected raw food in order to realize the actual purpose for the fasting. You can take only raw fruit, vegetable, grains and nuts. You can interchange them as you break your fast on daily basis. You can take only a single raw fruit today while you take only vegetables tomorrow.

Benefits of raw food fast

When you go on a raw food fast, there are several benefits you’ll derive. Here are some of them.

· You can lose weight easily

· You can detoxify your body. Toxins and other dangerous substances can be flushed away from your colon and intestines.

· Your digestive system will be enhanced

· You gain emotional and spiritual insight

· You’ll enjoy improved sense of overall well-being

· Your sense of humor will be improved

· Your entire body will be refreshed

Taking precautions

You have to take proper precautions when going on a raw food fast. You don’t just jump into the fasting period without making adequate preparations. In most cases, raw food fast is always meant for a purpose. It can be for weight loss. It can also be for spiritual or emotional reasons. You have to pinpoint your purpose for going into the fast.

Again, you need to create a program for the raw food diet fast. You have to decide on the number of days for the fasting. You have selected the best raw foods you’ll use all through the session. You also need to decide how to prepare the raw foods. In most cases, you can take them raw. You can also prepare them by soaking, sprouting, and blending, juicing and other means. You have to break your fast with only a single raw food item daily since you’re on a fasting session. By so doing, you’re sure to enjoy the benefits of the raw food fast.

In all, there’s always the need to seek proper advice if you’re confused about the raw food fast. You can consult a reliable dietician or weight loss expert to help you out. You’ll be duly directed on how to go about the fasting in order to achieve the expected result.

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