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Good Sports Nutrition - A Perfect Choice To Become A Successful Athlete
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In athletic world every athlete wants to be on competitive edge so they put various efforts to achieve this goal, but still some of them remain unsuccessful due to different reasons such as lack of concentration, poor nutrition and irregular workout sessions etc.

Side Effects of Poor Sports Nutrition

Poor sports nutrition has bad effects to health which are not recognized by athletes themselves most of the times such as a runner feel that he/she is performing well, however the mental focus is distracted and energy levels are low due to the poor nutrition they are providing to the body and as a result they have to work harder comparatively and performance will be affected. Effects of poor nutrition can be the following

• Slow running

• Poor decision power

• Frequent injuries

• Loss of muscle mass

• Slow recovery

• Headache

• Hunger

• Yawning and tiredness

• Lack of mental focus

• Slower reactions

• Improper function of digestive system

• Allergies

• Skin problems

• Immediate drain of energy

• Frequent cravings

These are some of the issues faced by those athletes who are not consuming good sports nutrition although the effects can vary as well and somebody can experience different side effects as well. These problems can be solved by consuming good sports nutrition. There are some easy steps to design good sports nutrition which are given below

• Toast, crisp bread, yoghurt, nuts, rice, cakes, vegetables and fruits.

• Food low in saturated fats such as butter, margarine, chips, meat, beef burger etc.

• Sugar free cereals and drinks.

• Limit coffee and tea intake.

• Limit the use of soft drinks, candies, juices, puddings and chocolates.

• Consume more fruits and fresh vegetables.

• Drink plenty of water and fluids.

Muscles play a vital role in the human body so they must be strong and powerful to aid peak performance so it is essential to eat carbohydrate rich food before workout sessions to prevent the stored energy to be drained during workout sessions. Carbohydrates create fuel for muscles instantly while protein aid damaged muscles to get repaired, build new muscles, increase in size and help them retain energy.

Consumption of carbohydrates 30 minutes prior to exercise is useful for muscles, it’s good to eat easily digestible carbohydrates so that they can be easily converted into glucose and stored into muscles in the form of glycogen that is known as instant fuel as well. Vitamins and minerals are of core importance to design a healthy diet plan as both these nutrients help regulatory processes and chemical reactions.

Antioxidants are necessary to reduce recovery time after intense workout sessions and the consumption of fruits and vegetables is ideal to get antioxidants, however now days there are various supplements that offer numerous nutrients in the required amounts to the body. These supplements make the nutrition perfect because they fulfill the nutritional deficiency and are quick to action as well so preferred by a number of athletes.

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