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Health Benefits Of Probiotics: Less Stomach Cramps?
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Health Benefits Of Probiotics: Less Stomach Cramps?

You may be asking yourself what is a probiotic? You have probably heard of antibiotics because you have taken them when you were sick. Does that mean you take a probiotic when you are well? Franz is here to tell you that the health benefits of probiotics are well worth investigating them further, and no matter what your health, probiotics should be part of any health plan!

Now there are already billions of little healthy bacteria already living in your large intestine. These little guys are considered probiotic creatures and they are very important to your health! Without the health benefits of probiotics you will be a very sick person as these good bacteria fight against toxins and other bad bacteria that try to attack your body.

There are many things that can harm the healthy bacteria in your gut: antibiotics, poor diet, chemical laden processed foods, stress, alcohol, and other diseases. When this happens you are open to the attacks of harmful bacteria which can make you sick.

You may have already been aware that foods like yogurt contain live bacteria which can support or even rebuild lost beneficial bacteria in your body. You need these healthy bacteria to keep your immune system strong and to also help your digestion system. Now there are many varieties of bacteria in your intestines of which the one from yogurt is a major player. Lactobacilli's job is to produce substances like lactic acid to help digest food particles. It also aids in slowing the growth of bad bacteria that could make you sick.

If you are having trouble properly digesting food perhaps you might want to investigate further the health benefits of probiotics. Franz knows that not everyone is a fan of yogurt. And when I say yogurt I mean plain low fat organic yogurt, not all the other sugar and chemical laden stuff they advertise on television. Franz enjoys his low fat organic yogurt with honey, walnuts, and a few raisins.

Adding foods like yogurt into your diet will help improve your digestion if you lack the enzymes in your stomach to properly digest the food you eat. It is possible that a life of poor eating habits may have completely trashed the good bacterial system of your large intestine.

But eating yogurt alone will not rebuild all the healthy bacteria you need to restore good digestion and all the healthy bacteria you need to fend off diseases. So you need to supplement in some way. The best way to do this quickly is to head to the local health food store and seek out a good probiotic that has all the essential probiotics you need to optimize intestinal health. A green drink mixture is something you can take in the morning, on an empty stomach, to help restore intestinal flora and create vibrant health.

The health benefits of probiotics, other than those mentioned here, can also include improved cardiovascular health, improved weight loss, relief from pain, relief from allergies, better dental health, lower blood pressure, and clearer skin. With all these health benefits of probiotics I hope you consider supplementing your diet for a better chance at optimal health!

Street Talk

Hello Franz, thank you for helping me understand the benefits of probiotics. I am not a big fan of yogurt. However, on my diet plan, I can have yogurt with berries. I am on a high-carb diet, and I have very little sugar in my diet. My health is better now.

  about 1 decade ago
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