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Health Tips For Seniors
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Health Tips for Seniors

I’m eighty (80) years old so I must be a senior. And since I’ve had bypass surgery twice and I have an artificial aortic valve, sleep apnea, allergies and Type II Diabetes, I guess I am also an expert. And then I’ve been consulting with dermatologist and plastic surgeons for years. Furthermore, I have two sons that are doctors and a daughter who is a registered nurse and a son who is a veterinarian, and a grandson in medical school, I guess I’m qualified to give health tips for seniors.

O.K. Maybe not. I’m just a senior. But we seniors like to talk about what ails us. A visit to the doctor’s office is worth one chevron stripe on our sleeve, a major surgery gives us one stripe on our shoulder. And being able to say, “My son, the doctor,” is worth one gold bar on our collar. I must be a full bird Colonel by now. That should qualify me as a colon advisor. Just kidding!

My son, the veterinarian, is an expert on herbs and consults for a local herb company when he is not splinting a dog’s leg or taking mites out of a cat’s ear. Because of him and his wife, I’m continually advised on health matters. I am often required to read a book or six as homework. And of course, I’ve been studying my own diseases for years. Here are some of the things that I have learned:

You Are What You Eat

You’ve heard that line before, right? But it is true. What we stuff in our mouth comes under scrutiny by the body. It starts in the mouth and ends on excretion. The body is a food processing machine. Part of what you eat is used by the body for good or for ill and the rest is excreted as feces or urine. Some say that you should buy their colon cleansing miracle stuff to get everything out of there once in a while. Some folks can’t stand to have a “dirty” colon. Doctors that promote colon cleansing are sometimes referred to as quacks. Sounds good to me.

The body extracts food elements from the body such as fibre, fat, protein and carbohydrates. It also extracts vitamins and minerals and drugs like caffeine. Some of these products are converted to other products. A good example is the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar. There are also natural chemical compounds like amino acids that are essential to our health.

I’ll come back to this topic later.

Exercise Is Good

Well, maybe not good but usually good for you. There are exceptions. My wife used to run around the indoor track at Iowa State University when I was an engineering professor there. Now her knees and hips are shot from all that running. Until recently, she switched to swimming everyday. When she stopped swimming, she was no longer constantly dizzy and no longer needed weeks of dizziness therapy.

There are several contributing factors to dizziness. One is your ears. My wife’s ears were checked and one was 1/3 as efficient as the other. The eyes contribute. My wife’s eyes are fine. Joints contribute. So my wife has a funny ear and bad joints and had weeks of therapy. I had already studied her problem for a long time and her therapist, a good friend of mine, grabbed all that I had and included it in her treatment. When my poor wife could swim no more, she has Alzheimer’s Disease, her ears dried out and she was cured. (Yes, she always wore ear plugs.)

So far we have eliminated running and swimming. Well, that is not true. Some seniors are avid joggers and swimmers and both are good forms of exercize. But for most seniors, walking is best, outdoors in the warmer months and at the mall in the cold of winter. You folks in Florida do the opposite. Extreme cold or too much heat can be deadly for seniors.

Here is my favorite exercise: Place both hands against the dinner table and push yourself away. That brings us to our next subject.

Over Eating Is Bad

Some foods are good for us and some are less beneficial but eating too much food is not good because you gain to much weight and hat truck tire around your waste. To control my Type II Diabetes, I did the following which is also great for heart disease:

1. From the New Castle University study in England I knew that the C-cells in my pancreas were not producing insulin because they were blocked by fat. Such fat is not the fat you see around your belly. It is called subcutaneous fat which surrounds vital organs and feeds them toxens. C-cells that were thought to be dead were just blocked. I also knew that fat was not good for my arteries and that my two heart surgeries were due to my rich diet while traveling the globe to better the technology of my company. Yes, those meals in First Class on British Airways and Lufthansa and fine restaurants were great except they were clogging my arteries. I dumped fat from my diet that comes from dairy products and too much fatty meat.

2. I went au natural eliminating those foods that are in the freezers at your supermarket that come in boxes. I switched to natural grains and legumes and nuts and fruits and vegetables and thinks kids hate to eat. I dumped all sugar filled foods except I have to have some ice cream most days and my wife has to have it every day.

3. I continued to take proscription drugs but reduced metformin when I had my blood sugars in control which took five (5) weeks when the blood sugars dropped quickly to normal. Blood test said my A1C was down to 6.9 and heart blood parameters were normal.

You Need Your Sleep

If you stop breathing during sleep, you have sleep apnea. I was in my late fifties when I saw a man on television with sleep apnea. I made an appointment with the Heart and Lung Hospital in the boonies of NJ. During the sleep test, my blood oxygen dropped to zero which is no good. They put me on the CPAP unit and I slept for one hour and forty-five minutes. That sleep lasted me for a couple of days until I got my own CPAP unit.

Right after the test at 5:30 in the morning I grabbed some unhealthy food at the local fast food joint and drove the two hours to my office. When I saw my desk, I was shocked it was piled so high. By two in the afternoon, I had everything that was on my desk on my secretary’s desk. It took her two weeks to take care of every thing. I was in a hyperstate for a week or so. My boss was worried so I called my oldest son who is a neurosurgeon. He told me to stay in bed five (5) hours every until my glandular system got used to all the oxygen in my system.

If you are not getting decent rest at night, go see your doctor.

Allergies Are Horrible Things

We lived in Arizona for a bit over five years and while we were there I went to an allergy doctor for the first time in my life and stopped the self-treatment business. I was tested to see what I was allergic too which was everything in the universe. I was given no shots, well maybe one to get started, but allergens given as drops which I would build up a resistance to. I was still under treatment when we moved to Idaho. After my short-haired dog died, my allergies went away as long as I stayed away from anything sold at my local drug store. I learned to just use saline solution to clean out my sinuses and Vitamin C to moderate any allergic reactions.

If you have allergies, I suggest you find a doctor who knows how to treat the ailment, not the symptoms.


If you stay away from tobacco, drugs, and excessive alcohol, you can improve your life. If you don’t overeat and stay away from most processed food and fat, you can reduce the impact of heart disease and diabetes. A CPAP unit could give you a new life. It did me. So they are some of my health tips for seniors. My wife had Alzheimer's disease but she still gets her exercise by moving furniture around the house as she walks and walks and walks.

Note: The pic is my parent's on their wedding day in 1922. Each died at age 88.


Street Talk

Wow, quite a range! All useful. Thanks. Yes, I'm day 47 in a cleansing myself. The fasting part made a huge difference! No idea so full of toxins. Coasting down now the second half. Hm. Next fast's after Christmas? Maybe December 26th! So many benefits - and yet very completely all I could take. Guess detox round two will get rid of still more. 88? My father's brother, my Great Uncle Harry, died when he was 88. In his sleep! After chopping and stacking a full cord of wood. He died young.

  about 1 decade ago

When I was a boy I went to my friend's house asked him why the old guy next door was not on the porch listineing to his radio. In the winter he went inside but he never got out of that chair. My friend, Paul. told me that he got up to show his boys how to swing an ax at a tree. He took one swing and fell over dead. Not quite in his sleep but off his site. John

  about 1 decade ago

ouch! My Uncle Harry chopped a cord of wood a day fairly often. So it wasn't unusual behavior for him. Seems like a good way to go - healthy as an ox right til the end, then died in sleep.

  about 1 decade ago

My Grandpa Jones died when I was on the line in Korea. He was 95 or 97, we are not sure. He went to the mines in Wales when he was nine years old because he threw a slate at the schoolmaster and cut open his head, then threw rocks through the school house window. He became a powder man and had his leg crushed while quarring stones for Brigham Young for the new temple in SLC. From there he became a rancher but was never very good at it. He and my dad got survey homesteading here in Idaho on Ten Mile Pass. The lived a rough life but my kids and grandkids are full of music because of him and my wife's grandfather on her mother's side. John

  about 1 decade ago
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