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Healthy Breakfast Foods: They Are Not As Complicated As You Think
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Trying to eat healthy foods is hard enough without the wounded looks from your family when you suggest that they start eating better as well. Healthy breakfast foods do not have to be tasteless globs of gray oatmeal. In fact, with just a little planning,  you can make awesome, healthy and delicious foods that can take you right through the busiest weekday morning. You don’t want to send your family out into the world without giving them the fuel they will need.

If you think that healthy breakfast foods are not important, consider this: studies have shown that children who eat breakfast are less likely to have behavior problems in school and also have improved performance on tests and their school work as well. In addition, adults who eat breakfast eat fewer calories later in the day. Simply put, if you eat healthy breakfast foods now, you won’t hit the snack machine later and will weigh loss in the long run.

To make it easiest for you and your family to get more healthy breakfast foods into you daily diet, separate them into categories. Ask your children to identify two or three different categories of food types and then to name a few of the foods they like in those groups. As they get more used to eating in the mornings, they will expand what they find acceptable. Don’t get stuck in the rules for what passes for healthy breakfast foods and what does not. If your child is willing to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk for the morning meal, then voila , a healthy breakfast choice has been made!

Make sure that there are go to options for grab and go kind of mornings as well as easy  do so, make a few extra batches of healthy pancakes and healthier muffin choices and freeze them to be ready for the mornings. Healthy breakfast foods can still be fast without having to come from the freezer section of the local store. And, this way, you have the ultimate control over what is in them.

Yogurt is also a good choice for healthy breakfast foods with some careful consideration. Some brands of yogurt are so loaded with sugars that they are no better than candy. Watch for those sugar laden choices, opting for lower fat, lower sugar versions. Greek style yogurt with your own fruit or cereal mixed in is a far better choice over all. It has a creamier texture than other types of yogurt and may actually win over someone who does not care for yogurt overall.

If your kids want the very same healthy breakfast foods every day, then let them have it. Eventually, they will want something different. The point is simply to get them used to eating something to get them going in the morning so they can do better for the rest of their day.

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