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Healthy Breakfast Meals: Foods To Take You From Wicked Weekdays To Slow Sundays
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If you have ever watched your children inhale a bowl full of sugar laden cereal or worse, cram a grubby mitt into the box and then snort if all down dry, you might wonder what you can do to improve their morning meals. After all, all of the experts have finally found one thing to agree on. Having healthy breakfast meals is the key to a better and healthier day for the entire family. Yes, that means you too, Mom and Dad. We see you hiding behind that newspaper, scarfing down that nasty toaster deal! And, we all know that you are the first ones into the break room, drooling, Homer Simpson like over a box of donuts. You wouldn’t need to eat those sugary, fat laden snacks at all if you were eating healthier foods.

The key to healthy breakfast meals is a little planning and a little preparation. If you wait until zero hour, the bus is coming, the kids are dressed and you are on a search and destroy mission for your left shoe, any left shoe, then breakfast of any kind is going to slip down the totem pole. There have been chaotic mornings that you have actually turned a blind eye from your child lapping at the dog’s water because it has just been that bad. Okay, stop and take a nice deep breath in. Relax. Junior won’t die from a face full of Rover’s germs. You will find a shoe, eventually. You don’t have to get up at dark o’clock to get good food on the table or for everyone to have the time to eat it. Healthy breakfast meals can be simple, no cook and best of all, can be prepped the night before.

One of the easiest, healthy breakfast meals to get in front of your family is cereal. If you can get them to eat healthy oatmeal, then all the better, but that won’t always fly. If they absolutely insist on the loopy, sugar frosted, maniac bombs, then use this trick to satisfy their insane sweet tooth and your need to give them healthy foods. Mix their cereal choice and your’s at a two to one ratio. They still get enough sugar to have them bouncing in their seats at school, but they still get vitamins and fiber. Insist on milk-whether they splash it on the cereal or they just drink it along side. Not all kids will eat their cereal bobbing in milk.

Don’t overlook some of the other interesting healthy breakfast meals. You know how you loved cold pizza as a teen? Before you growl at your own teen for that, remember, if you chose a healthier pizza option to begin with, a slice in the morning is a perfectly acceptable choice. Hand them a glass of milk or fruit juice and keep in mind that at least they have eaten something and that is the key.

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