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Healthy Eating Even At Christmas!
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So December is here – Christmas is well on the way and for those of us trying to keep an eye on our weight, whilst also trying to eat healthy food, it could spell trouble! However, don't worry - with a bit of thought and forward planning there are ways to have a good time without completely over indulging.

Let’s start with the shopping. Okay we want to have a few treats in for our friends and family over the festive period ...but there is a limit to the number of goodies one household needs, just remember the more you buy the more you will be tempted to eat and how sorry will you be in January! Every year I am amazed to see the hoards of people standing in enormous queues in the supermarket with trolleys overflowing with goodies. There may be a few fresh vegetables lurking at the bottom of the trolley but generally it is chocolate, cartons of fresh cream and custard, wine, beer, port, Champagne, biscuits and generally all the other foods we should eat only in moderation. Indeed Christmas Eve the shelves in the supermarkets are all but bare – excuse me it is one day – the shops are open again Boxing Day!

Next think of those invites to Christmas Parties and dinners. Should you go, oh yes of course you should but stick to a few basic rules. If you are going out to a restaurant for a Christmas celebration be careful of the meal you choose. Keep clear of high fat, creamy sauces, fried potatoes and sugary sweets. Think about fish and lean chicken dishes with fresh vegetables or a salad. Alternatively, if you are going to a house party the chances are there will be plenty of high fat, calorific snacks on offer. If you are hungry when you arrive the chances are you will dive into these and could easily end up munching your way through a whole day's calories without even noticing. So what should you do - make sure you have a healthy, light meal before you leave your house, that way you can ignore those naughty little temptations. Wherever you are celebrating alcohol can be a danger! Alcoholic drinks tend to be full of empty calories, and, if you have a couple too many you may find your will power will disappear and you give in to the temptation of sugary or high fat food. This doesn't mean you should go teetotal, but just be a bit careful about what you drink, how much you drink and what mixers you use. Try and steer clear of the sugary, sweet mixers such as colas, choose alternatives such as low calorie tonic water. A good trick is to drink a long glass of cold water in-between each alcoholic drink. This should help you from over doing it. And, if you drink less you will feel so much better the next day!!

Really I am not trying to be a killjoy – I love Christmas and lots of parties. Just saying that with a little pre planning it is possible to enjoy a merry (nearly healthy) Christmas. If you have been trying to eat more healthy food don't undo all that good work just cos it's Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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