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Healthy Eating For Kids
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We all want the best for our children and for them to have more than we did when we were young ...but are we doing the right things? What do children need to grow up strong & healthy? I think the simple answer is good food & plenty of exercise!

Living in a small village in Bulgaria I have noticed that it is very unusual to see overweight / obese children. There do not seem to be the same problems as we see in America and Britain. I realize that children in Bulgaria generally have more freedom, in as much as it is considered safe for them to play outdoors. The school grounds are left open in the evenings and weekends and you will always see children playing on the football and basketball pitches. The countryside is amazing and those with bikes can have great fun exploring along the tracks. Encourage your child to exercise, join a sports team or take them out exploring your local countryside (oh yes ...exercise is good for adults too!).

I have also noticed that you do not see children walking home from school eating chocolate bars and bags of crisps. Although these are readily available in the local shops they are certainly not a daily part of life. Don't get me wrong I don't believe in banning children from eating any kind of food but they do not need lots of high fat, oily snacks like crisps, chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks. These should only be eaten in moderation. This type of food contains a lot of empty calories that encourages weight gain whilst providing little, if any nutrition.

However it is important that children eat a variety of food from different food groups. They need food for fuel such as bread, pasta, rice and cereals, a variety of fruit & vegetables to give them the vitamins needed for healthy skin, hair and eyes, dairy produce for strong bones and teeth, and protein which is found in meat, poultry and fish. In short it is important that children eat healthily.

Also, our children learn a lot from us, and often their attitudes to food will reflect what we have told them. We must make sure we are sending out the right messages. It is fine to tell them that fruit and vegetables are good for us but we must make sure we also tell them how good they taste!

Lastly remember that children tend to eat with their eyes first – if it looks good they will try it! They love to help with the cooking- ok it might take twice as long but they are also learning an important skill for later life. Have fun – make smiley faces out of the peas & carrots, put fresh fruit on skewers – make it appetizing! As a general rule try to get an assortment of coloured food on the plate as this tends to mean your child is getting an assortment of vitamins and minerals, and always encourage your child to eat their dinner because it tastes good rather than it's good for them!

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With so many temptations around it is difficult to offer your kid a daily healthy menu!

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