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Heart Health Support And Heart Healthy Meals That Doesn't Take Time
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You want to improve your lifestyle in the best way possible to reap the heart health benefits of exercise and nutrition. You have probably read that CHF or Congestive Heart Failure is the leading killer condition in the industrialized world. I hope to help you decide what is the best exercise for you, and also make suggestions for meals that are healthy for your heart.

If your job involves sitting on a chair most of the day, you know you need exercise. But if you experience the typical time crunch affecting most people, you want to get the most out of your time at the gym, on your home machines, or maybe you don't want to use machines. If you could exercise in 12 to 15 minutes about three times a week, and increase your heart strength and capacity, you can learn how to work out in a way that doesn't take time.

The cool thing is, if you learn this style of exercise called Pace, or interval training, is that you can do the kind of exercise you like best. If you already swim, walk, play tennis, use a treadmill or stationery bike, you do not have to switch to something else.

If you prefer squats, lunges, jumping jacks and weights, you can adapt a system of full-exertion bursts of energy and then a little rest, and then more exertion. This is the best heart health support you can get from an exercise routine.

For heart healthy meals, you want to consume the most nutrient rich calories, and skip the rest. "Empty calories" are usually white foods:

  • white breads
  • crackers
  • bread sticks
  • rice
  • pastas
  • cookies, cakes, pastries
  • bagels

I don't mean to depress anyone, but those are calories with scant vitamins, minerals or enzymes. They simply do not contribute to your body chemistry. However, these foods can increase insulin resistance, slow your metabolism, and generally prevent you from staying thin.

Strive for the omega 3 fatty acids/omega 6 fatty acids balance. For meats, choose the grass fed for the omega 3 oil content. For fish, eat the fatty wild caught salmon, tuna or mackerel. But only once a week, since fish, even wild caught, are polluted with mercury and other poisons.

For dairy, try to get products from grass fed cows. Whey protein drinks made from grass fed cows are easily available.

Organic dark green vegetables and salads are high in antioxidants and enzymes, all to help you stay healthy, fighting infections, and the natural oxidation processes that take place in our cells. The red and orange colored foods are also excellent for beta carotene and other nutrients.

If you have days where you just haven't got the energy to prepare a meal, or you are traveling and cannot eat at home, you can take a nutritious food supplement that doesn't take time out of your schedule. One of the best antioxidants is CoQ10, and it is excellent heart health support. To your health!

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