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How Adding Spices And Herbs Can Affect Your Health
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How Adding Spices And Herbs Can Affect Your Health

I want to make a small series of articles about my favorite herbs and spices and what tremendous effect they can have on your health when added to your daily diet.

Let us start with an amazing spice called ginger, no wonder spice girls picked this hottie, it is out of this world. Eat it as often as you can and you might never have to come across the nasty illnesses written about below.

Ginger's Health Benefits

Let's look at some of the areas that ginger has shown to benefit health:

Cancer: Different studies have shown ginger's ability to defeat several types of cancer cells, including some of the most aggressive and difficult to treat: lung, pancreatic, breast, ovarian, colon, skin carcinoma and prostate.

Diabetes Prevention: Studies have demonstrated that diabetes may be both prevented and treated, along with the related abilities to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood fats.

Antibiotic: Ginger's antibiotic effects may be extraordinary. It has been shown that the effects of ginger vs. antibiotics on Staphylococcus aureus and S. pyreus infections shows that ginger extract may be superior.

Antifungal: Fungal infections are extremly difficult to treat, and drug-resistant fungi have developed. Ginger have been found to have antifungal capability, including to drug-resistant forms.

Ulcers: Intestinal ulcers can be prevented with ginger.

Diabetes Complications: Complications of diabetes may be limited by ginger.

Inflammation: Ginger can be very effective in helping you manage pain relif and what’s causing the inflammation.

Gastric Distress: Ginger's ability to ease gastric distress is superior.

Toxicity: Ginger helps prevent the toxic effects of a wide array of substances.

Menstrual Pain: A double blind study of young women suffering from menstrual pain using placibos. Ginger was found to be as effective as both mefenamic acid and ibuprofen.

Radiation: Ginger has been proven to provide significant benefit against it. It can help prevent vomiting and taste distortion associated with radiation poisoning.

Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Knee Osteoarthritis, and Indomethacin: Ginger is as effective if not more than the common medications prescribed for these conditions but without the side effects.

Nausea and Motion Sickness: Most people are aware of this one. It’s a common practice for pregnant women to take ginger to prevent morning sickness.

Bacterial Diarrhea: Ginger binds the toxin so that it cannot interact with the gut.

The list goes on. It also happens to be very helpful when it comes to helping and maintaining weight-loss .

I try to have one to two inches of ginger every day. Either through my meals or in my smoothies. I thrive on this tasty spice and I’m always in good health.

The list goes on. It also happens to be very helpful when it comes to helping and maintaining weight-loss .

I try to have one to two inches of ginger every day. Either through my meals or in my smoothies. I thrive on this tasty spice and I’m always in good health.

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