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How Fasting Can Save Your Life!
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How Fasting Can Save Your Life!

We are in the height of the age of over-consumption and over-whelming obesity statistics. Yet very few of use really know what true hunger is. Have you ever asked how it feels to go with out food? Discover important lesson to control your food addiction and get on the fast tract to shed unwanted pounds while re-vamping your internal health!

There are many forms of fasting, There is more of a intermitted fasting. Which means fasting for periods of time usually lasting 12-16 hrs. intermitted fasting is limited to the 12-16 hr range because this is the time when food sources are expanded and your body turns to the liver and starts converting glycogen stores into glucose for energy. So in simplier terms this is the time when the body turns to the stored carbohydrates for energy and eventually lead to increase body fat loss!

Once the 12-16 hr time frame is up you are permitted to eat real food, but to increase the effect with intermitted fasting you can combine other forms of fasting or eat healthier meals with the remander of the time left in the day. So a typical day might look like this:

Wake up @ 8am eat

eat @ 8:30am

eat @ 12pm

eat your last meal @ 3pm

fasting starts once you finish your last bite.

Rules include women are recommend to fast no longer than 12 hrs, men are only recommend to fast up to 16 hrs. Also you may only consume non-caloric liquids.

Other fasts include juicing and liquid fasting. This fasting includes extracting the essence of fruits and vegetables. The idea behind this (and most fasting) is to cleanse your vital organs with a vitamin and nutrient shock! And yes to lose that extra body fat along the way.

"Fasting has been championed as a panacea for centuries. Aristotle and Socrates swore by the practice as a mental and physical expedient"

The amazing benefits of fasting include:

increased energy

better skin

elimination of toxic fat

instant weight loss

freedom from addiction

reduce risk of inflammatory disease(cancer,diabetes,etc)

Lower cholesterol

rejuvenate organs

and much more!

SO whats the harm in trying? If it works for you, wou will live forever in bodily perfection!

Juice fasting is not recommended to do no longer than seven days! Any longer you will begin to lose lean muscle mass, which is critical to overall health and wellness. Juice fasting is recommended for people wanting a detox and a quick effective weight loss. While the intermittent fasting model can be implemented to lose weight consistently over a longer period of time, and can stay lean and healthy almost effortlessly.

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