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How Low Sugar, Low Salt Foods Or Drinks Is A Hoax
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How Low Sugar, Low Salt Foods Or Drinks is A Hoax

The rate at which people are suffering from diabetes and obesity is alarming. If you are living in America, Britain or some of these European nations, you will discover the life expectancy rate is low in these countries because of their diet and lifestyle. Most especially in America, where you have many of the foods high in cholesterol and salt. The amount of money people spend on finding a way to at least extend their life span is really huge.

If you are or know someone who is experiencing shortness of breath,blurred vision,swelling around your ankles, and frequent urination, you better go see your doctor because these are the signs of high salt and sugar intake. It is unfortunately many of us do not know that if you keep taking a high level of sugar and salt in your diet,your body will not be able to process the glucose that comes from them. And if this continue, it leads to obesity,osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

The average American diet is filled with sweet,tasty and delicious food. Right from breakfast to dinner,many cannot just do without the cheese,chocolate,hamburgers, pizzas and the likes.

Unfortunately,these kinds of food we love to eat is killing them slowly and quietly too.I believe it is high time we slow down and understand that trying to cure the effects of high saturated fatty foods and high cholesterol foods will amount to crying over split milk.

A disturbing occurrence is that many food manufacturers are not helping matters at all. How would you take a company reverse engineering the taste bud of their consumers all in a bid to make money? Do you know that a company called Senomyx is at the center of this reverse engineering thing.

Senomyx is a biotechnology company that has found a way around the regulatory loopholes in adding untested new addictive to your food. They are not alone in this as they are doing this in collaboration with Kraft, Campbell Soup, Pepsi and other food giants company.

How they do this is by using their biotechnological expertise in reverse engineer the human genome and then add artificial flavoring into the food which block or activate taste receptors on your tongue. So, these company can sell foods and lay claim to low salt and low sugar while actually there is nothing low about them.

The reason they are getting away so far with this is because these compounds are in small quantities and the FDA find it difficult to detect any of such genetic reversal.

Now you know, you better watch out and check out the food labels for any artificial flavoring whatsoever.

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