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How To Lose Lower Belly Fat
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How to Lose Lower Belly Fat

Everyone wants to know how to lose lower belly fat?

The dreaded lower belly fat. Not just generic everyday belly fat but the lower fat that really gives you the pear shape. Yes it has to go.

How do we do it? What are the best exercises? What should we eat? How to lose lower belly fat and do it fast?

Step 1. Stop doing all those sit ups and crunches and other wastes of valuable workout time. These exercises do absolutely nothing for burning the fat around your middle and they also aren't very effective as abdominal muscle builders either. They are really just a waste of time. Stop doing them. You are giving your self false hope. You think you are working on the lower belly fat but you are simply wasting time.

Step 2. Don’t think about how to lose lower belly fat. Think about how to lose body fat. It’s all or nothing. Unfortunately it’s not like a haircut; take it off around the middle but leave some to make my arms look big. No you must reduce body fat globally, everywhere. And that’s really what you want. The fat face and double chin will go; the big gut and man-boobs will go; the flabby arms and drooping butt will go; yes all the body fat will gradually reduce. By the time the lower belly fat is gone, all the other body fat will be diminished as well.

And you’ll look and feel great.

Step 3: Abs are built in the kitchen is a saying around the health and fitness community. It’s true. Reducing body fat is far more about what you are eating than how much you are exercising. It’s the old 80/20 rule. 80% of your body fat reduction success will come from changing your diet. You simply cannot out-train a bad diet.

3a: Cut out the highly refined, carbohydrate based foods. Cookies crackers, chips, pasta, bread, baked goods. I know this part is hard. The majority of your snack foods and comfort foods are on this list. But this is how simple it is. Simple, not easy. The belly fat or any fat will not go if these foods stay on your plate. You decide.

3b: No pop or fruit juices. No, fruit juice isn’t like eating fruit. An exception can be made for those living in tropical climates. If you pick the fruit off the tree and want to juice it, go ahead. This is as good as it gets, for juice that it. But drinking fruit juice isn’t a good overall strategy for body fat reduction.

3c: Eat more fat. Yes eat good fats from animal sources, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil and coconuts. Good fats are the preferred energy source for your body. Don’t be afraid of good fats. Good fats don’t make you fat. Don’t eat any hydrogenated or trans fats. Don’t eat vegetable oils. Keep it simple.

Step 4: Go big in the gym. I don’t mean you have to load up a lot of iron to lose weight. Any type of exercise will do from body weight training to free weights to machine training. By go big I mean hit the large muscle groups. The big muscles of the legs, butt and back burn the most energy. Do complex, multi-joint movements to maximize body fat loss.

4a: Squats are king. Nothing burns the fat like squats.

4b: Deadlifts are a close second. A full body lift and a real fat scorcher.

4c: Power cleans. These burn it up even with a light weight. Use strict form.

4d: Thrusters rule. This is a combo lift of a front squat with a military press. Use a light weight as they really stress the core. A great move.

4e: Burpees. Good old burpees will always elevate the pulse. A can’t miss exercise that can be done anywhere.

4f: Sprints. Never underestimate the power of sprinting for body fat burning. Close your eyes and envision any olympic 100 or 200 meter sprinter. Excess body fat and sprinting cannot co-exist.

How to lose lower belly fat? No it isn’t easy but the approach is simple. Don’t focus on ab exercises. Think body fat, not belly fat. Eat well. And go big.

Street Talk

All good tips

  about 7 years ago

Losing body fat is all about eating right and expending calories.

  about 7 years ago
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