In The Heat Of The Momentyou Could Be Putting Yourself And Your Family In Danger
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In the Heat Of the Momentyou Could Be Putting Yourself And Your Family In Danger

In the heat of the moment – You could be putting you and your family in danger……

You could be micro waving the very nutrients that your body needs into oblivion – whilst at the same time doing something that may be affecting your life and damaging your health.

What lies behind any invention?

When an invention is first conceived, little or nothing is known about what real harm it could create. The product in question and its ultimate resultant good or harm will only be evident over a period of time.

Unfortunately you and I, the consumers of these multitudes of products are the literal guinea pigs in this game of “Big Business and new product developments.”

Sometimes, and more times often than not, the ones that create the invention have to obtain money and resource backing to get their inventions out into the market place.

Many times large sums of money and time are put into the development of a product, to bring it to the eyes and ears of the buying public. Long tedious campaigns have to be worked on and countless studies have to be undertaken. All will cost investors enormous time and money.

Now can you imagine that after putting all that time and energy into the production of that invention, you as the financial backer now get confronted with facts that show that the very invention that you have been raking in millions and millions of dollars with – can now potentially harm the people that are and have been using it?!

To admit to the above would be to admit to the liability that could open one up to huge “class A” law suits and dollar losses.

First micro wave danger. – A possible cover up of its harmful effects.

“Wherever there is smoke. There is fire,” – heard that one?

Two notorious scientists, Dr Bernard H Blanc and Hans Hertel, set about doing a study on the effects of micro waving food and the effects that it might have on the human body.

They both concluded after extensive studies and experiments with proven documented evidence and human trials that micro waved food caused various blood abnormalities.

Now you would think that with those findings, - a further investigation would surely be warranted? – Instead the powers that be that stood to lose mega millions of dollars moved to have a legal gag order put on the two men and their findings.

Out of fear Blanc backed down and to this day, Hertel is still fighting for his rights to a test trail. To this day, he is being denied – and still, millions of micro- wave ovens are being manufactured and sold throughout the entire world.

What might we find in those findings that would bring the real dangers of micro – waving food to light?

In another documented instance, Norma Levit was allegedly killed when she was given a simple blood transfusion with blood that a nurse had pre heated in a micro- wave oven! Now you have got to ask yourself. -What are those micro- rays doing to your food. It may be doing a little more than just heating it?

One has to keep asking why the attempt to cover up any previous findings has been so hard fought?

Second Micro Wave Danger Possible loss of Vital Nutrients.

If we were to look at a scale of the best, and most - healthiest ways to prepare/cook and eat foods, it would hopefully run in this preferential order.

1. Organic raw foods.

2. Steamed food

3. Baked food

4. Boiled Food.

5. Fried Food.

6. Micro waved Food.

We eat food for their vital nutrients. No living plant, animal or human can survive without nutrients.

Just some of the nutrients we get from our foods are –

• Proteins

• Vitamins

• Magnesium

• Calcium

• Essential fatty acids

Now the question that you have to ask yourself is - would you rather digest these various nutrients in their raw form, cooked and heated within an inch of their lives, or in the case of micro waved food – radiated to perfection!

Your body needs nutrients to build and grow with. Without nutrients the body cannot survive and be able to repair itself.

Micro waving your food will just deplete it of the necessary nutrients that you will need for energy and general life sustainability. Science has proven now that by just heating and cooking food, nutrients can be lost.

Add to the above the fact that soils have now become, in themselves, nutrient deficient, then by micro waving your food you may well be eating cardboard.

Third micro- wave dangerit seems just far too easy to cook this way.

Micro - wave cooking has given us convenience in a techno- time driven world.

Who wants to get home and get out the pots or pans and spend time preparing foods, or even zipping them through a food blender as a juice?

We have become a lazy people and tend to want to take the fastest route to getting most things done – and that includes our cooking!

What a pleasure to reach into the freezer, grab a pre prepped frozen meal, pop it into the micro wave, wait a few minutes and then eat it. - Convenience at the expense of health. - Does that make sense?

Fourth micro- wave danger – the packaging we put into microwave ovens is full of chemicals!

Most microwavable foods are processed and found in packaging that is full of chemicals. - Chemicals like benzene and other dioxins that have been linked to possible cancer causing qualities.

Now add to the above a highly radiated temperature and the fact that these chemicals may seep out and into the very foods that we eat as the micro waving process takes place, and I am sure that you will now think twice before you use a micro- wave again.

I hope this has given you enough food for thought and may make you think twice next time you reach for your micro- wave oven. The volcano that is brewing in your house hold may be ready to cause an eruption on yours and your families health at any moment.

Street Talk

Great article Brendan... although I had read something about the potential dangers of microwaving, it was sketchy and incomplete. Your article provides a thorough discussion of the potential dangers of microwaving... it's informative, and downright scary... well done!

  about 7 years ago

Coming from you Juan, I consider that a major compliment - thank you. Yes we have been fooled into safety protocols that are actually being covered up by the powers that be. .....I will be writing more now. I feel that I have done all the research and practice that I need to now get out the information I want to. Lol once I wrote this my wife read it and threw out our micro wave oven and now so has our neighbour! So slowly but surely we as writers can help penetrate that web of the mind that holds the answers and solutions for mankind to want and have a better world.

  about 7 years ago
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