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Juice And Vegetables Nutritions
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Juice And Vegetables Nutritions

My first passion for fruits and vegetables was way back when Jack Lalanne Juicer were being advertise by Jack Lalane on TV and I started to listen to him about nutritional values that fruit and vegetables had for human consumption. It was amazing to learn that pretty much everything that is in the ground we as human beings have the same composition of earth. I never thought of it in that respect, what the ground has we have flowing through out our whole body. That doesn't mean we can take a hand full of dirt and eat it to get what we need like nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and much, much more. Nope! We get it through the juicing fruits and vegetables and some plants, nuts and herbs that we consume.

I grew up thinking that what ever was on television was the gospel truth and that the big corporations were giving us good sound advise. I mean they are dealing with millions of people who are willing to follow their lead. But you know what? Their not forcing us to eat it! We just do it because of the type of advertising methods they use and we are just to busy to try a little investigation on our own. We are just not knowledgeable of the facts. It's possible that we are all getting sick by the products we are stuffing down our throats. It may take time for some products to take bad effects on us because of the small amount of ingredients that we ingest every day. It may be allergies at first, turn to a sickness to a cancer death. Big corporations claim to have health benefits in their products and they do but very little to none that are helpful to anyone.

With the right amount of fruits and vegetables and some plants and the herbs that we have in this planet, just maybe we would not have so much sickness and disabilities in this world. We might not have to watch over parents and grandparents because the lack of sickness and disease because of consuming the correct diet for ourselves. Wouldn't that be amazing? No sick babies born in to this world, how amazing that would be!

I recall growing up and time after time the food groups were our attention that we must start eating wiser to keep our good health and it was short and sweet. But if you would compare it to the big corporations in how they pound it into our heads minute after minutes on the television what is best for us, wow! What a difference. Most of the commercials have taken over the programs and now feature the little pills that will heal our illness and diseases. But I guess now by law they have to put in those commercials all the bad effects that they will cause or might be causing death. But they insist that's it is better than doing nothing. But you must listen quickly or you will miss it.

I don't know about you, but it would seem much easier to create more freshly grown fruits and vegetables, eatable plants and herbs, tasty and the smell of the fragrance each fruit and vegetables gives off with freshness on my plate than having to open a package of bland food that have chemicals or preservatives, dyes, colorings, anything that will only prolong their shelf life expectancy.

I truly believe that the consumer is now getting wiser in the market place but yet there are so many yet keeping the corporation in business for ever. When will we learn to take care of ourselves and demand the best for us and not for the big corporations that are making billions of dollars every year off the sweat of our brows? So many people are dependent on cure all pills. People just don't realize that they have it now under their nose with fruits and vegetables, plants, nuts and herbs and so much more.

I remember being told to juice fruits and vegetables but never really explained why. I am hoping that you can past this on to your children juice fruits and vegetables and explain the whys. I am hoping this article has been a help to you and your family. Now go out and buy a juicer and juice fruits and vegetables for better health.

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I was talking to a lady yesterday that is into competitive yoga. ( If your like me I didn't even know they had competitive yoga) but she told me that her main diet consists of juicing and she swears by it for herself and the students she teaches. Good article.

  about 7 years ago
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