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Juice Plus Ingredients
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Juice Plus Ingredients

When you hear about a product that is directed at health or wellness, it is logical to ask what's in it, how it can help you, and what the side effects are. A very important question is that first one, what is in it. What are the Juice Plus ingredients? You and everyone else should ask this question, because you do not want to put just anything in your body.

Our bodies need fuel and nutrients, vitamins and minerals to get through every day. This system does an amazing job of taking us through life in a "healthy" manner. Some of us are sicklier than others, but in general, each of our bodily systems gets us through. But, do we live as well as we are able?

Are we feeding our health?

Where do these nutrients and vitamins and the fuel we need come from to do our daily life? Obviously our diet. What do modern humans generally eat? Well, let's start in the morning.

This could be some fried eggs, some super sugary chocolate pebbles, biscuits, and yes, sometimes we eat some fruits. We put butter on our toast, sugar in our oatmeal, load up on the best thing ever, bacon! And, some of us just drink coffee as our breakfasts.

Moving on to lunch: chips, subs with all the dressings, burgers made of who knows what, with fries. We are generally in a hurry, so anything with a drive-thru will work; then, some of us go to business meeting lunches, and we want to impress, so nothing "healthy" will do, we get the steak, or twice breaded chicken and gravy! Sometimes a salad is for lunch, with cheese, croutons,sugar coated almonds...and enough dressing to drown out the vegetable taste...

I could go on, but you get the picture. None of this stuff really gives us the needed ingredients for a full and long life, and in fact, the majority of it is slowly killing us.

The solution!

So, what do we need? We have all been told to eat our vegetables, and this is coming to be more and more the truth, now that scientists can learn more about the inner workings of our bodies.

And, not only vegetables, but fruits also. How many servings do you think we should get of them per day? 5, 7? How many do you actually get, even when striving to do just that? I know that even when trying to eat healthy, I could only put away 4 or 5 servings of both.

Unfortunately, we are not even close! The recommended daily diet should consist of between 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables EVERY SINGLE day! The higher the number, the better.

How can you do this? It's hard to eat that many, even if that's all you have in front of you. A simple strategy is to eat 5-6 smaller meals, each consisting of many different types of fruits and vegetables because each one has different nutrients that the body needs. They constantly talk about a colorful diet, and this is what they mean.

But, still, 7-13? We are too busy for this.

Not to worry, there is Juice Plus+! Juice Plus+ is a pill form of whole foods. What this means is that there are no fillers or added nutrients or vitamins. That's right, the Juice Plus ingredients are all fruits and vegetables, nothing else. How is this accomplished? First, naturally and organically grown fully ripe veggies and fruits are juiced, and then all of the sugar, water, and by-products are removed, and the rest is slowly warmed to preserve all of the good stuff we need, and the powdered form is put into capsules, the equivalent nutrients and vitamins of 17 different fruits and vegetables, each day!

Isn't that a great idea? We are so busy, and our taste buds are so trained against some of these things, that taking a pill to bridge the gap is a simple solution.

Juice Plus Ingredients

The actual fruits contained in one dose: peach, acerola cherry, cranberry, pineapple, orange, apple, and papaya.

The actual vegetables in one does: oat bran, broccoli, parsley, tomato, carrot, brown rice bran, cabbage, spinach, kale, and beets.

These are the Juice Plus ingredients. And guess what, I don't eat beets, and what is brown rice bran? These are all very essential to a healthy and preventive lifestyle, and they're so easy to get into your system with this product.

For living the most fulfilled life, and a healthier, longer lifespan, you must take precautions about what you are putting in your body. And, none of these companies care about what their products are doing to you, they are just trying to get you to buy more of their poisonous concoctions. So, buy organic vegetables and fruit, and try to put in the protective elements your body needs, and if you cannot get the recommended daily intake of 7-13 servings, supplement with another proven and tested product.

Good Luck and Happy Helping!

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the junk food can't be easily be put away, you will need supplement and detoxification drugs to flush or remove any harmful substance from your body. that my own advice

  about 9 years ago

Good Information, Thanks for sharing.

  about 1 decade ago

You're welcome, Ms. Whitfield. I'm glad it could help you. If there is anything else I could help you with, or any questions you would like answered, please don't hesitate to ask!

  about 1 decade ago
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