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Just The Healthy Essentials: 5 Daily Vitamins For Women
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So many factors contribute to women needing daily vitamin supplementation nowadays. Everything from the natural aging process, environmental pollution in the air and water, natural female hormone levels and illness. Good health can be achieved through taking vitamins and supplements. The wide range of miracle pills all claiming to provide the best amount of daily vitamins for women can leave you confused and dazed not knowing which one to take. Hollywood doesn't help with movies and sitcoms showing neurotic pill-poppers.

This article hopes to make it plain that daily vitamin and supplement needs for women can be met without popping 300 pills from 300 bottles. Women's bodies, as all human bodies,can be healthy just by maintaining a regimen of 5 daily vitamin and supplement needs.

The first is an essential fatty acid such as evening primrose oil. It contains a high quality combination of the two and omega 3 and omega 6 oils should meet a woman's daily fatty oil needs. Ladies, we need to remember that not all fat is bad. Infact, fat cushions our bodies vital organs such as the heart. These essential fatty acids are good oils that contain Gamma Linoleic Acids or GLAs cannot be manufactured in the body yet are essential to crucial functions of the heart, mood regulation and insulin production. Ladies, ever notice that 'the change' or menopause is almost synonymous with heart troubles, diabetes and mood swings which are almost accepted as normal?This is not set in stone and taking a good essential fatty acid- such as primrose oil, will keep you healthy and well even through menopause. Evening primrose oil has a substantial content of essential fatty acids and while it is not a member of the alphabet -Vitamins A, B,C etc, it should be included in the daily vitamins for women's health.

Vitamins B and C are number 2. Oh, I could write a book about these two. They are called the water-soluble vitamins as opposed to vitamins A, D, E and K which are fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin C wards off the common cold and brings goodies such as brain function and mood and collagen generation. Collagen is the building block that holds up our skin and keeps it firm. Can I hear someone say 'No wrinkles'? Vitamin C is a woman's good friend !

Vitamin B is a family of vitamins. That's why you'll hear the term B-Complex. This refers to Vitamin B6, B12 and Vitamin B. If I had to take just one vitamin from the alphabet family of vitamins, it would be B- complex. The B family is the metabolism regulator. B-Complex protects against cancer, anemia, boosts energy, wards off psychological conditions like depression and fights the dreaded Pre- Menstrual Syndrome or PMS. Next time someone asks you what you need to cope with for 50 years stranded on a desert island with, include your Vitamin B on that list with your toothbrush, change of underwear and Brad Pitt!

We cannot talk about the daily vitamins for women and leave out Calcium,which is technically a mineral. The short explanation for Calcium as a mineral supplement for women is as we age, our bone density decreases and our bones coiuld potentially snap and break from minimal strain. Osteoporosis is the doctor's word for the condition from reduced bone density. Every woman,especially if you have heavy periods, in childbearing age or menopausal should take a Calcium supplement. You can see this list includes all women, right? That's you, you and you!Calcium best when taken in the morning when you have to be going about your day. Pregnant women are also prone to cramps in their legs and feet and should take a calcium supplement but do consult your doctor first. Your baby will be taking Calcium from your body and needs replacing. In this day and age of increased lactose intolerance which prevents some women from taking a good old glass of milk containing both Calcium and Vitamin D, Calcium supplementation is even more important. A good Calcium supplement will also have Vitamin D in it.

When it comes to daily vitamins for women and increasing their well being, Spirulina is an excellent source of many of your female nutritional supplement needs. It really is a wonder food. In just two words: immune booster. Let's be honest ladies, we could all use a boost everyday couldn't we? As a green food, you are also consuming natures best. Here's one exciting benefit- not only does Spirulina build your health up but it can aid in weight loss! Ever heard of those diets where they tell you that you can eat and still lose weight? This is it! Is it a super food or what?!

When it comes to the daily vitamins for women you really and truly could take a fistful like on those crazy doctor shows on television or you could get the benefits of a ton of vitamins by carefully selecting the top- performing essential supplements. My list has an essential fatty acid- Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Calcium and Spirulina. I kinow the ordinary woman's day is jam packed without having to worry about if she is getting enough of the recommended daily vitamins for women. I say don't take the 'alphabet' and the Periodic Table of Elements to be healthy. No need! Woman to woman, just take five.

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