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Kids And Raw Foods
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Many parents, including raw food parents, struggle with getting their children to eat more fruits and vegetables. Here are a few tips and tricks to helping your children learn to enjoy a healthier diet including raw foods.

Start gradual. Slowly introduce new foods to your children, and do not make a big fuss over it. Not every dish will be a hit, but take note of which ones your child or children enjoy. Make an effort to present them with their favorites when possible.

Look for foods that your children enjoy and make them with healthier alternatives. Many favorite foods can be made raw, with a few substitutions.

Most children enjoy soups and smoothies. This is one way to introduce vegetables without the food standing out on their plate. Do not hide the food, but do not make a big deal about the extra goodness.

Set the example. Many times your children will ask questions about what you are eating and they are more likely to try what they see you eating. Look for opportunities to discuss why this food is healthier for them, but wait until they inquire about it to share your wisdom.

Involve them in preparing their meals. Kids enjoy being involved and are therefore more likely to try foods that they have made themselves. Let them use their creativity when deciding what foods to include in their green smoothie. Older kids can help plan the menu for the week.

Make it fun. Try making ants on a log by using celery, natural peanut butter and raisins. Or use cookie cutters to slice foods into fun shapes. Cookie cutters come in all sorts of shapes including dinosaurs, cars, teddy bears, and hearts so look at your local kitchen supply store to see what’s available. You can also make a smiley face on top of their salad or vegetable pizza.

Give foods unique and silly names. Broccoli makes a great dinosaur tree. Power peas have been known to give temporary super powers. And Ravioli is often used by princesses for a spare pillow.

Try freezing your fruits and vegetables. This works especially well for younger children that are teething (Make sure your slices are large enough to not be a choking hazard.) On a hot day, frozen grapes can be a great substitute for a processed sweet treat.

Keep raw snacks available. Having snacks visible and accessible is half the battle. When children get hungry they will often reach for the closest food.

Create dips and sauces for your kids to try with their veggies. Look for healthy raw food dips like a sunflower seed spread. Your children may find a combination they love and crisp vegetables are more fun when you can use them as an edible paintbrush.

If nothing else, implement the one bite rule. Make it a standing rule in your house that your children must try at least one bite of every food put on their plate. They may be pleasantly surprised when they try something new.

Street Talk

I feel as parent we should really make the effort to introduce new foods to our kids, especially if it is what we are eating on a regular basis. most time its best if we can do that from the moment they start eating other foods, are we can make our own baby foods , then later it might not be a lot of struggle to have them eat the same foods we are eating.

  about 1 decade ago
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