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Knowing How To Eat
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The basic infrastructure of any exercise program is knowing how to eat. This is one of the biggest components to getting the astounding results you’re looking for. There are tons of diet plans out there to choose from. You can indulge everything from shakes to full fledge meal plan including, snacks, and desserts. Whatever your desire, there are ways to feed your appetite.

Let me start off by telling you why this is so important. Your body needs fuel to burn fat. If it doesn't get this energy from a food source it will get it from your muscle tissue. In short your body starts eating itself, muscle tissue first. This is not good since you need muscle to burn to fat, right?

To avoid this from happening is a very simple rule of thumb. Within the first hour or two of waking up, eat a big healthy breakfast. I'll explain why. The reason being is as you are sleeping your body is in fasting (not eating or drinking) mode. This depletes your bodies’ glycogen supply. Glycogen is your bodies’ form of sugar which you depend on for energy. See where I’m going this? OK, when you eat a big breakfast it jump starts your metabolism. This prevents the self-eating process. After breakfast to keep your internal fuel burning you should eat every two to three hours. Fruits and granola bars are good for on the go or just in general. For your lunch a spiced up salad is great, full of fiber (which is filling) and also provides" natures natural broom". Dinner should be a well-balanced, portioned meal.

There are a lot of ways to lose weight but only a few of them work consistently. By this I mean steady results and ability to keep it off, once gone. If you go the starvation route you could end up with key tones in your blood stream. These little things are little fat particles that have not been properly released. This is your body’s version of food when starving. I don't recommend this. It doesn't have long term satisfaction, or results. Not to mention dangerous.

With all the programs on the market you should have no problem finding a menu you find appetizing. Its' really easy to stick with those meal plans too. The majority of programs out there cater to you every desire as far as a diet goes.Armed with an exercise program you can follow and grow with and a diet you can eat. You can lose as much weight as you want, and fairly quickly. The trick is to find the combination that works for you.

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Greg V  

I know it's late (June) but I like the article. First, I do not believe in starvation. The part "If you go the starvation route you could end up with key tones in your blood stream. These little things are little fat particles that have not been properly released. This is your body’s version of food when starving." caught my eye. What happens to those people who fast for seven, ten, or twenty days?

  about 1 decade ago
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